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Scandinavia ECS | Be My Eyes in Copenhagen

March 10, 2017

With Hans Jorgen Wiberg, founder of Be My Eyes App. Hej fra København! Hi from Copenhagen! Today was very eventful and involved a lot walking (10.7 miles!!).

In the morning we took a tour around Copenhagen and got to learn more about its history. We learned that there have been five city halls, the reason for which being that the first four were burned down. This seemed to be a recurring feature because several other buildings have been burned down due to fires in the past. We also learned about Hans Christian Anderson who moved to Copenhagen so he could fulfill his dreams of becoming an actor and being in the ballet. But his dreams were short lived because everyone told him he was too tall, too skinny, and too ugly. This experience granted the world The Ugly Duckling (which was based off of his own life) and The Little Mermaid.

After the tour, we ate a delicious lunch that let us experience real Danish foods. Everyone loved it and we can’t wait to try more throughout our trip. In the afternoon we got to hear Hans Jorgen Wiberg, founder of the Be My Eyes App speak to us. This app allows visually impaired people to video call volunteers who can help them with day to day things such as the color of clothing, reading a computer, etc. He told us about his journey to creating the app and how well it is doing today. Overall, today was a very fun day and we learned a lot more about Scandinavian culture.

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With Hans Jorgen Wiberg, founder of Be My Eyes App.