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Rock Climbing

March 17, 2021

We went rock climbing. Essentially, we did a lot of climbing and a transmission experiment. Ms. Hanson took out a black light and had everyone put their hands under it. She had put some fake germs on a wall to show how they are transmitted. I liked learning about how germs are transmitted when touching the rock climbing wall. It was also interesting to learn about how rock climbing works. I was shocked to learn how many germs are transmitted by rock climbers sharing the wall. The part of today that I enjoyed the most was seeing the dog, but academically, my favorite part was learning about the science of germs. The challenging part today was not getting frustrated with others. I learned that transmission is extremely easy. Transmission is how fast a virus can make a hop from one person to the next. I am more cautious of how many germs I can get from being in public places like a rock climbing gym. It made me realize how important it is to wash my hands and to try to stay healthy.