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Power Up Your Networking Potential with CSS

March 20, 2015

Introducing the new professional networking group for CSS alumni (non-grads welcomed), current and past faculty/staff, current and past parents of The Colorado Springs School to connect and network professionally. We recognize that students at The Colorado Springs School create strong relationships with faculty/staff, coaches, and parents and we want to celebrate these relationships. As our students graduate we want to embrace the possibilities of networking and deepening relationships beyond the walls of the school.

Power Up with LinkedIn

Click here to Join Our LinkedIn Group

In order to create an engaging and professionally-minded network, please abide by the following group rules.

- Please use real names, contact information and maintain your LinkedIn profile to encourage fruitful networking. Within your LinkedIn profile be sure to include your connection to The Colorado Springs School (employment, education, volunteer, organizations you support, etc.)
- Participate in posting group discussions and post professional articles and accolades of alumni and community members.
- Feel free to post 2-3 promotions (sales, coupons, real estate listings, art openings, fundraisers, etc.) or job postings for your business per month. Please consider the vast array of professional interests in this group and be judicious when sharing information. Abuse of promotions may result in being excluded from this group.
- Faculty/staff will be encouraged to solicit experts, speakers, and resources from the group.
- We encourage you to give professional recommendations to group members that you have done business with and endorse fellow group members’ skills.
- Please keep your interactions in the group on a professional and respectful level.
- The Colorado Springs School operates on several other social media channels. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for a glimpse into the interactions of school life. Or visit our website at