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Power to the People ECS | Veteran's Court

March 05, 2020

On Thursday, March 5th, the Power to the People students had their first in-school ECS experiences. The students participated in a Harkness-style discussion surrounding topics such as Political Polarization and how facts affect our opinion. After brief research on individual topics, the class began viewing a short film about The Children’s March and segregation in Birmingham, Alabama in the 60s.

After lunch the group was briefed on criminal justice before having the privilege of attending a live Veteran’s Court session. The students watched as the judge handled each case in a passionate manner and spoke with the vets at a personal level. After the veterans came and went, the judge came over to the section of 14 students and answered a handful of inquiries. At around 4:30, the class arrived back at school satisfied from their adventure into the city and a taste of veterans’ issues.