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Student Achievements Highlighted at Middle School Awards Ceremony

On Wednesday, May 24, 2023, several students received recognition at an annual Middle School Awards Ceremony in the Louisa Performing Arts Center.

"Entrepreneur, public speaker, author and philanthropist Amy Rees Anderson once said, 'A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected,' and that is certainly the case for students within our Middle School division," said Head of School Tambi L. Tyler. "This awards ceremony is designed to show our appreciation for just some of the hundreds of students who make being a part of this school community so special."

The ceremony concluded with 8th-grade students Ellie S. and Annabelle C. reading a touching tribute to outgoing Middle School Director Ron Hamilton. They commented on how he set the tone every day with a deep and hearty "Good morning!", that he never missed the quiet signs of an upset Middle Schooler, that he was as committed as their own parents to supporting them at athletic events, that he was more than a Middle School director.

"He was the surrogate father we needed for those 8 hours while we were in school," Annabelle said.

"He was the extra set of eyes making sure we were staying task on and focused throughout the day," Ellie said.

"He is a friend ... Mr. Hamilton, it is with heavy hearts, we and CSS are saying goodbye to you. You have given more to us than you will ever know," Annabelle said. "We will all carry the life lessons you have taught us into our lives as adults."

Congratulations to all who received recognition! The list of award recipients is as follows:

Subject Awards
Art: Naomi W. '27
Broderick Y. '27
Choir: McKenzie H. '27
Drama: Benjamin M. '27
English: Phoebe H. '27
French: Marcelo G. '27
Spanish: Annabelle C. '27
: Leopold L. '27
Math: Lawrence G. '27
Science: Melinda H. '27

Division Awards
Permanent Art Collection Recognition: Harper B. '27
Spirit of the Kodiak Awards: Marcelo G. '27 & Melinda H. '27
Peter T. Wescott Award: Naomi W. '27
Middle School Director Award: Reagan M. '27
Faculty Award: Annabelle C. '27

Kodiak Scholars

6th Graders

Halle E. - Spanish
Marin G. - Math
Beau C. - History, Math
Shayla K. - History, English
Owen S. - Math, Spanish
Sydney A. - Science, Math, Spanish
Alexa B. - History, Science, Math
Carter Mc. - History, Math, Spanish
Alexander S.-V. - History, English, Science, Math, Spanish

7th Graders

Anna D. - History
Lexi G. - History
Erika M. - Math
Maxwell U. - Math
Isaac G. - English, Science
Sasha T. - History, French
Quinn W. - History, French
Naia M. - History, English, Spanish
Mathew O. - English, Math, Spanish
Elina A.-C. - History, English, Math, Spanish
Lucas B. - History, English, Science, Math, French
Krista O. - History, English, Science, Math, Spanish

8th Graders

Bahar B. - English
Lawrence G. - Science
Melinda H. - French
Sophia H. - French
Logan K. - French
Leopold L. - History
Giselle M. - French
Amelia S. - Spanish
Chase U. - Spanish
Brody Y. - Math
Michael C. - Science, Math
Marcelo G. - Math, French
Graham M. - Science, Math
Phoebe S. - Science, Math
Naomi W. - English, Spanish
Sunny S. - History, English, Math
Niva S. - History, English, Science
Brooke H. - History, English, Math, Spanish
Annabelle C. - History, English, Science, Math, Spanish
Phoebe H. - History, English, Science, Math, Spanish
Ben M. - History, English, Science, Math, Spanish
Ellie S. - History, English, Science, Math, Spanish