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Movies and Dance! What Could Be Better?

March 09, 2021

As the second week of ECS rolled around, we have already had very eventful days. Yesterday we hit the town, but today we stayed at our cozy campus. In the morning, we listened to and watched some very informational presentations that we didn’t get to on Friday. They had fun videos that were really cool to see. For example Noah’s presentation on Art therapy for Veterans had a fascinating video of Veterans with PTSD making masks that expressed the way they felt. Later, we watched Inside Out, a movie by Pixar. We had to answer questions that took a dive into emotions and how our society feels about them. Some of us had never seen the movie, but everyone really enjoyed it. After that we had a discussion on the questions and we headed to lunch. After lunch a Dance and Movement therapist joined us on the quad to teach us how to express ourselves through movement. We learned 3 dances, and they were all really simple. Everyone could do them, even if they didn’t think they knew how to dance. This was my favorite part of today. I really enjoyed the wobble dance because it allowed me to get loose and release all the negative emotions that were built up in my head. It was especially cute when the tiny 2nd graders were following along from across the quad. Overall, today was really, really fun and a really good bonding experience for this ECS because we got to enjoy each other’s company and express ourselves in a different way.