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Manitou Springs!

March 16, 2021

Today was sadly one of the last days of this wonderful ECS, but it was surely a good one. Today we had a tour of art in Manitou Springs. We started off by having lunch at the Sunwater Spa. This was such a unique and wonderful place, and I really enjoyed listening to the speaker talk about the unique therapeutic services that they offer. Then we headed over to a mineral water spring. If you wanted to, you could taste the water that was produced by this natural spring. The water was very refreshing, and I really enjoyed listening to the guide talk about the architecture and history of Manitou Springs. Next, we headed over to the Manitou Heritage Center, and we gained a deeper understanding of the history of Manitou Springs, including the fact that the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer who took the picture of the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald (assassin of President John F. Kennedy) lives in Manitou. Robert Jackson donated many of his cameras and other memorabilia from those fateful events to the Heritage Center. We also viewed an impressive display of bottles and learned the history of Manitou water bottling over the years. The Center also displays an impressive collection of Van Briggle pottery, another art form unique to the Pikes Peak Region. Finally, we headed over to the Manitou Arts Center (MAC). First, we viewed several exhibits that were full of art done by area high school students. I found this fascinating because some of the pieces were absolutely amazing, and they were all done by high schoolers! We then toured the whole MAC facility and got to see all of the equipment and various studios that they have available for any creative people interested in using them. We ended the day by creating our own unique stamps and making printed bags. I am really happy with the way my bag turned out, and I really enjoyed the process of making it. Overall, I had a great time, and I am so glad that I got to participate in this tour.