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Madagascar ECS | Denver to D.C.

March 07, 2019

To start off the 17-day journey before us, our 18-student group shuffled through the snow into Ms. Hanson’s classroom. It was almost 12:00 p.m. when we loaded all of our gear and (very) heavy bags into the vans to take off for the Denver International Airport. Upon arrival, we hustled through check-in and security and settled at our gate for a quick briefing. Here we went over our schedule and some future assignments. A few moments later and we were fastening our seatbelts on the plane to D.C. - buzzing with excitement.

Activities on the 3 1/2-hour plane ride varied from reading, to talking and napping, but perhaps one of the most beneficial ways of passing the time was reading the assigned article “When Americans Live Abroad.” This text discusses the way that, when they travel, Americans have trouble seeing other cultures as equally successful as their own. This was eye-opening to many students and proved an interesting topic to consider as we embark to the African continent tomorrow morning. We finished off the night with our informative (and slightly scary) discussion on illness prevention. Overall, the group is excited and eager to continue our experience!

CSS students arriving in Madagascar

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CSS students arriving in Madagascar