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Law & Order ECS | Beyond the Reasonable Doubt - Preparing for the Mock Trial

March 22, 2017

In the final week, Mock Trial and presentation of projects have become our priority. At the beginning of the day, students broke into presentation groups to practice on their projects and to make final edits. Through an hour long practice, students have shown a great confidence on their work. The topics of their project are around law enforcement. Some of them are judicial review in U.S. , modern technology in the law enforcement system, and poverty related crimes.

At about 9:30 a.m., the biggest thing became the preparation for the Mock Trial. Students are separated into prosecution group and defendant group, as assigned last Friday. Each of the group has to work out their theory and theme of their side on the issue of the arson given in the mock trial material. Having prepared through the weekend after working with public defenders Neil DeVoogd and Sheilagh McAteer (mother of Kendall ‘12) all of Friday, students have shown their great understanding and comprehension on the case. The efficiency of students’ work is commendable.

Though the prosecution group has had a hard time working out their theory, they have come up with a great many different ideas for the direct and cross examination. In the afternoon, the Mock Trial counselor, Sheilagh McAteer, came to our school to further answer students’ questions and to offer her help on theories and themes. Working with her through the whole afternoon, the prosecution group has gone through the entire testimony from the witnesses in the mock trial material and finally figured out the overall theme. Even though the work involves tons of brain activities, students showed rich passion for the mock trial, with the snack support from the teachers. Undoubtedly, preparing for the presentation and mock trial is difficult work, but it is enjoyable and pleasurable to discuss, brainstorm, and debate with peers.

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