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Imagining Possibilities for the Innovation Lab

Imagine a space on campus dedicated to problem-solving and innovation. How can educators use technology to deepen student learning and understanding? The Love. Learn. Lead. Campaign at The Colorado Springs School (CSS) is raising important dollars for a renovated learning center in the Maytag Dining Hall. The possibilities that lie ahead include a cutting-edge innovation lab for all students.

The provisional quarters of the Innovation Lab are being hosted on the second floor of the Trianon building. Dr. Cullan Hememway, Director of Technology, is leading the way to engage CSS students more deeply by incorporating such technological adventures. The Innovation Lab welcomed parents, board members, and students, last Thursday Night for TechTime. The evening was a sampling of robust, hands-on learning. Students are using this cool lab to problem-solve and connect concepts. TechTime showcased recent student projects using technology, game designs, squishy circuits, data gathering and analysis tools, 3-D design and printing using SOLIDWORKS, video production and editing, as well as circuit design and programming.

A popular station featured cubelets with inputs, outputs and power sources. The cubelets allow a student to understand the basic concepts of robotics. Second grader, Foster R., was absolutely engrossed with the cubelets. What an incredible way to further spark the imagination of a 2nd grader as he heads into his invention theme of study. Powerful learning. But in fact, the connection with the cubelets is deeper, as they were designed by CSS Alum, Jonathon Moyes, Class of 2005. As an engineer with Modular Robotics, Jonathon will host a group of CSS Middle School students later this month in Boulder for the Middle School Robotics seminar.

In addition to Dr. Cullan Hemenway, a special thanks to Ms. Bette Anterra, Technology Integration Specialist, Mr. Joe Thomas, Technology Manager, Mrs. Michael Carpenter, Librarian and Middle School Video Club Advisor, and John C., 8th Grade student helper, for a successful TechTime.

Click here for pictures of the Innovation Lab.

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