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Iceland ECS | Complex, Tangled Nature of the Energy World

March 10, 2019

We take for granted that our lights turn on, our cars start up, and our houses stay warm. We define development in units of power, ranking countries on wattage before wages. We dedicate our railways to ship coal to power plants, their plumes always looming on the horizon.

On the Iceland ECS, we are exploring the centuries-old saga that is energy. From the first fires of the Vikings to the super heated steam of modern geothermal plants, Iceland has seen every age of energy. To break ground on our quest, we opened the ECS with a lecture from a preview of Iceland’s importance in the global landscape given by renowned geologist and volcanologist, Dr. Barry Voight, grandfather of CSS Junior Kate G.

We also spoke to former CSS parent Dr. Andy Sabin, an expert in geothermal power. He offered insights on Iceland’s energy grid from his “home plant” in the Sierra Nevadas. He explained the basis of drilling, pumping, heat transfer, and re-injection. Dr. Sabin also addressed associated environmental concerns including toxic gas release, brine byproducts, and man made earthquakes.

Even scratching the surface, we began to see the complex, tangled nature of the energy world.

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