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How Music and Color Move Us

March 04, 2021

Today was the 4th day of the art therapy ECS. We started off the day talking about dance and music therapy. This is definitely really interesting especially when we began to try and dance ourselves. I found it a lot harder to connect with the people around me because we were online; however, it was still a fun experience to see how art and dance therapy can help people. Then, we watched some videos and read an article to better understand music therapy. We had to write about what we learned, and I thought it helped to identify everything important in dance therapy. Then we went to school and began an activity where we first identified how we were feeling and what are the most important things for us. We got a huge piece of paper that we outlined our bodies on. We also had to pair colors with the things we care about. Since I was a part of the group starting online, it was really cool to walk in and see all of the paintings done by the other group. It was very easy to see how this activity connected to art therapy, once we were actually doing it. I loved the process of identifying what was important to me and visualizing it on the paper. Lastly, we watched a video from Ms. Rachael Rosner. She is a dance and movement therapist. Sadly, she couldn’t come in person to talk with us, but what she said spurred some interesting conversations. I could tell how passionate she was when talking about her experience with dance and movement therapy, and although we did not spend most of the day on it, I am excited to learn about it more. Overall, I thought we all learned some very important things today and had a lot of fun!