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Head of School's Charge to the Class of 2019

May 26, 2019

Aaron Schubach delivering the Head of School's Charge to the Class of 2019.

Graduates, it is time for my charge to you. It is three paragraphs, so hang in there.

Four years ago at your 8th grade continuation ceremony, I gave you the concrete advice to get some sleep in high school. Do you remember that? Perhaps I should have been more specific; I did not mean sleep in class or during the day. I meant sleep at night. It took four years to set up that joke. I have no delusions that you’ll sleep much in college so I’m going to try another tact. Try to eat some vegetables; there are documented cases of American college students getting scurvy because they only ate beige food. When it comes to food, the more colors, the better. There is one feature that all of the amazing colleges that you’ve chosen share; a salad bar. It’s not just there for decoration. If the only way that you eat vegetables is by ordering them on your pizza, so be it. “Drag it through the garden!”

I do have some succinct and serious advice for you. America seems torn apart between those who are frustrated that we are not still in the outdated past and those who are frustrated that we are not already in a perfect future. Both groups are pretty confused. And almost everyone is in one of these two groups. Here is my advice. Live in the now. The change that you’re going to make in the world is done in the present; it is incremental; and, it’s done person-to-person by listening and talking. That takes time. So calm down, and listen and talk to people. Maybe over a pizza with some veggies. And then get a little sleep, so you are ready to make the world better, one conversation at a time.

John listed some of your accomplishments as a class (in the Senior Farewell), and they are impressive; but remember, your accomplishments do not define you; your character does. And you have much to be proud of there. You have been phenomenal in our classrooms, in our student body, in MUN, as club leaders, as sports captains, as actors, on experience centered seminar leaders. You have been exemplary big buddies to the Kindergartners. They love you. The only real feedback I have for you is that you are kind of messy and you are not good at dodgeball. These forgivable faults shouldn’t hold you back as alums of The Colorado Springs School, which you will become in three minutes. Graduation does not sever your relationship with the school; it enhances it. You can still represent your class and your love of the school as alumni.

Congratulations, seniors, and farewell. We will miss you.

Aaron Schubach delivering the Head of School's Charge to the Class of 2019.