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Head of School's Charge to the Class of 2018

May 24, 2018

Head of School Aaron Schubach delivers the charge to the Class of 2018Graduates, it is time for my charge to you. As the great educational philosopher and CSS band teacher, Mr. Brent Moorhead recently said, “The mind cannot absorb more than the behind” so I’ll be brief…..

Dean and Sarah, you did a masterful job sharing highlights of your experiences here and you were insightful on so many levels.

  • You will need to be autonomous to prepared for a dynamic world….

  • You will need to seek new experiences, to redefine yourselves, and to forge your values thoughtfully.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever heard graduates speak with such humor and wisdom. And let’s face it, I’ve barely heard Dean speak, at all.

Ms. Taylor, nailed it, as she so frequently does.

Let’s remember her message to celebrating your gifts, be grateful for the present, and engage with the world…

As the inaugural Capstone class, these words of wisdom are particularly appropriate and meaningful to you. You have increased your level of autonomous action and engagement with the world by working with experts to do real things. Well done.

It’s easy to think that you’re leaving CSS today but that’s a misunderstanding. In about three minutes, you’ll switch categories from students to alumni but your relationship to the school is just as close and important. And it is an ongoing relationship.

You should be immensely proud of what you have done here in our classrooms, in the mountains, and on the oceans, on our courts and on our stages. My pride in you and for you is present in every cell in my body. You and your younger peers are literally the reason that I and every member of the CSS team gets up in the morning.

Be proud of yourself and be proud of The Colorado Springs School. We will miss you.

Head of School Aaron Schubach delivers the charge to the Class of 2018