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Global adventurer and philanthropist to visit CSS

October 09, 2019

Leon Logothetis will be visiting campus October 21, 2019, as part of The Kindnes

Global adventurer and philanthropist Leon Logothetis is bringing his message of kindness and the power of human connection to The Colorado Springs School (CSS) at 21 Broadmoor Avenue.

Leon will be visiting campus October 21, 2019, as part of The Kindness Diaries speaking tour. He will present “I See You: The Power Of Human Connection” to students in 5th through 12th grade from 8:10 to 9:10 a.m. in the Louisa Performing Arts Center. The community is invited to join us for this event.

“The Kindness Diaries” is a bestselling memoir in which Leon writes about traveling around the world in his yellow VW Beetle relying on the kindness of strangers. He also hosts the TV series The Kindness Diaries, now streaming on Netflix. During his travels, Leon discovers being seen is the most powerful gift we can give others.

“When was the last time that another human being truly saw who you were and that you felt it in your heart, you felt seen by somebody else? Answering that question is what brings me here today,” Leon says during a presentation. “The most healing type of connection is human connection because the greatest fuel you can give another human being is to see them.”

Students who attend Leon’s speech will receive The Kindness Challenge cards to encourage them to practice kindness at school and at home. Additionally, 30 student leaders will participate in a workshop during lunch with Leon to further hone their skills.

A special thank you to the Safayan family at CSS for generously underwriting this event.

“I wasn’t bullied in school, but Leon was. Just imagine for a moment how that must feel for that child or young man or woman,” Amir Safayan said. “It was the kindness of one teacher that helped Leon overcome that adversity and shaped him into the person he is today. Leon’s message reflects the incredible impact that teachers have upon our children, and it encourages me to be mindful that we can all encourage and be kind to others and that our individual kindness can potentially impact and change the world.”

Safayan added that he is grateful for the faculty and staff at CSS and hopes they, along with students, are further inspired by Leon’s message.

“I hope you’ll join us to hear Leon speak,” Head of School Aaron Schubach said. “His message is that all people, however different they are, are worthy of our attention. The benefit from meeting the world with open-mindedness and kindness is both timely and inspirational.”

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Leon Logothetis will be visiting campus October 21, 2019, as part of The Kindnes