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Finally, We Got Swag!

March 05, 2021

We started our day by getting our long-awaited hazmat onesies. We took a group picture with our new swag and worked on our projects. Ms. Blisse Beardsley then visited and saw our “amazing model-building skills.” After a quick break, we suited up to invade the hazardous lab room to do step 2 of the aseptic technique lab. With 4 absences today we managed to get 2 people to facetime so they could see the lab. Yesterday, online we worked a lot with google spreadsheets. We learned how google spreadsheets has commands and codes that can create very useful data and even math to get data that can save lives. For example the main thing we worked on was calculating the slope and y-intercept of data so we could predict how that data can continue in the future(predicted Y-values).Yesterday many people were having trouble, so today we reviewed and learned how to graph residuals. Speaking of review next we reviewed the parts of the microscope and looked at samples 1,000 times zoom with oil immersion. Next we looked at the results from bacteria from locations all over the classroom and even on our bodies, finishing the lab from Monday. After lunch we spent the rest of the day learning the ins and outs of vaccines, how they work, how they are made and, how they are distributed. And with that our first week is over, full of fun and excitement we are ready for the weeks to come.