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Final Days

March 19, 2021

On our second to final day of the ECS we spent the early morning doing our final run throughs of our scripts and tried our best to make them sound as good as possible before the later rehearsals. From around 9:30 to lunch each group had the opportunity to rehearse their scenes. Each group was allotted around 20 minutes which allowed us to make slight adjustments to our performances which will hopefully improve our final performances on Friday. The groups that weren’t rehearsing or making final revisions to their scenes would watch the other playwrights perform their scenes and learn what to do and what not to do. It was amazing to see how much everyone’s scenes have improved in both their writing and acting since the beginning of this ECS. It has been a great learning experience and I thoroughly enjoyed every part of the three weeks.

After lunch we started working on the scenes again. The actors for a given scene would go and perform it on the stage. However instead of a quick run through of the scene we worked more on incorporating the different elements of the scene and fine tuning how we portray our character within that scene. Something that we focused on more was using props in a more effective and efficient way. After the actors performed the scene the teachers gave them some advice and told them what they thought would work better. The teachers also talked to the director and writer of the performed scene to see how they felt about watching it and how they could potentially improve it. After we performed all the scenes we could the teachers gave some short closing words and told us what they thought about our performance as a whole and how far we’ve been able to come within the confines of this three week period. This was a nice moment to reflect and see how we’ve improved. Especially since the day after we will have a short rehearsal and then perform them a final time.