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Expédition Quebec | Modern Montreal

March 08, 2017

The Quebec ECS has started off with a bang! We spent one day in the classroom preparing for our 16 day journey into French Canada. Because we’ll be staying in farm homestays, we had to prepare for the cultural shift and different language. A lot of us are excited to practice our French skills but also nervous about being in a foreign country that primarily speaks a foreign language. After seeing our itinerary, we are all excited for our dog sledding adventure, learning about the history of Quebec, doing service work at or farm homestays, and the various other experiences in the days to come.

We’ve only been in Montreal for a few hours, but we can already see it’s beauty. For those of us that haven’t been in big cities before, getting off the bus in downtown Montreal was breathtaking. Even through the rain, we could tell that the city is a stunning contrast between the traditional old brick buildings and modern skyscrapers. We’re excited for our exploration of Montreal tomorrow, hopefully in good weather!!

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