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Dessert Theatre Season Kicks off with Grades 3 & 5

Dessert Theatre, which began more than 45 years ago at The Colorado Springs School, is more than just acting. The program allows students in Kindergarten through grade 5 the freedom to explore the world through characters while solving problems and growing their communication skills and confidence. Theatre is a truly collaborative art form in which children learn to be responsible for themselves and others. This social cooperation reinforces and motivates positive behavior and builds personal integrity. The art of presenting theatre also engages whole minds through the genuine application of literacy and the integration of knowledge across the curriculum.

3rd Grade: Surfing the Solar System

This show performance is full of fun facts about each planet and pulls from what 3rd-grade students are studying in class to immerse them in a hands-on theatre performance written specifically for them. In the weeks leading up to this performance, students rehearsed in groups with Creative Dramatics Teacher Rachel Pratt, who also wrote the play. Children kept journals to dive deeper into their characters and the story and read books about the solar system.

5th Grade: America, My Home: Immigration Stories

This show complements the 5th-grade social studies curriculum on immigration studies to immerse the class in a theatre performance with original scenes written by the students themselves. Students researched European countries and developed their characters' immigration stories – focusing on why people immigrate, what it was like to come through both Ellis Island and Angel Island in the early 1900s, and what life was like post-immigrating. Students took on their fictitious characters during the Ellis Island simulation a few weeks prior to this performance, during which they transitioned step-by-step through the processing experience witnessed by so many upon arriving in America.