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Cuernavaca | Comida and Yoga

March 09, 2016

Today was our first day of formal classes. We all got up, ate breakfast, and started different Spanish classes at 8 o’clock in the morning. After almost 3 hours of class we then had a 40 minute break before our next excursion. We were offered a snack of delicious quesadillas made fresh on the street in a local colonia. Ms. Hafter knew the stand well, so we were confident in being able to eat it. She and Profe also brought us aguas — one of pineapple and strawberry and another of watermelon. During the break, we were able to eat, talk with some of the staff, and walk around the beautiful campus.

We then headed off on our excursion.

We took the radio taxis in groups of 4 and drove to David Cano’s Body and Soul Yoga Studio in northern Cuernavaca. At the yoga studio, we did a very basic form of yoga, and we were able to relax and clear our minds. We were also able to have fun and laugh when we fell. We had a lot of fun at the yoga studio.

Then we took the radio taxi back to school and walked back to our houses. We ate comida with our families and talked with them about the day, and after that, everyone came back to school for dance class. The dance class was very fun and we learned a lot of different dances like salsa and cumbia.

After the dance class, we had the opportunity to participate in a Spanish - English Exchange in which we had conversations with students who are studying English at the Instituto. We spoke in Spanish and English so that we could practice in the language we were learning. Afterwards, we went back to home, ate dinner, and got ready for the next day. Overall, all the experiences that we had today were outstanding and helped us to expand our horizons about the Mexican culture.