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CSS to Host 6th African-Themed Model UN Competition

January 10, 2019

CSS Hosts 6th African-Themed Model United Nations Competition This Saturday, The Colorado Springs School (CSS) will be hosting its 6th Model United Nations (Model UN) Conference. CSS will host more than 200 students from 20 schools in a variety of school districts in and around Colorado and Wyoming. These students will participate in a full day simulation of the United Nations and other creative councils while submerging themselves in this year’s theme, Africa. This topic is a tradition at CSS. The conference will run from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on January 12th, 2019 on the CSS campus.

The biggest council at the conference will be the beginner United Nations Peace Building Commission, which will debate two topics throughout the day:

Topic 1: Building Sustainable Peace in the Central African Republic
Topic 2: Youth Participation in Peacebuilding

As for the Advanced Historical Crisis Council, they will be participating in historical simulations and recreations focused on African themes and events, including:

  • Sundiata the Lion King of Mali
  • The Fulani Jihād of the early 1800s
  • Outer Space Treaty

The topics and research compiled were entirely student-driven. This conference is student-designed and led by the student of the CSS Model UN Team.

Coach David Benson is looking forward to watching his students at the conference this weekend. “I think that Model UN is one of the most important things I get to participate in as a teacher,” Benson explained, “It combines academic learning and research with hands-on problem solving and diplomacy. The students apply themselves to their roles and almost forget who they are in order to become the delegates they are representing.”

According to Benson, Model UN is one of the fastest growing clubs on university campuses around the United States. “Participating in Model UN helps to prepare our students for the exciting interactive extracurriculars that are offered at the colleges they attend,” Benson said. These connections draw students to Model UN. Students are critiqued by judges on written and oral communications, evidence of research and preparation, ability to negotiate, use of parliamentary procedure, and professional dress.

Aadi N. ’21 expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunities Model UN has provided to him. “There are so many relevant issues happening in the world right now, and a lot of the times it’s difficult for younger people to get involved and have a voice,” explained Aadi. “Model UN gives us the ability to discuss these issues and come to a resolution that could be applicable in the real world.”

With the success of the Model UN team at CSS this year, we are looking forward to seeing the outcome of this weekend’s conference. Although the members of the team have gone above and beyond this year, receiving special recognition and winning multiple different awards, there’s more to Model UN than the outcome. Benson explained, “It really isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about negotiating and diplomacy, and the research that goes into understanding these complex topics.”

Visitors are welcome to come and watch the simulations throughout the day. Simulations will be held across campus. Media may come to campus at 21 Broadmoor Avenue to cover the event.

CSS Hosts 6th African-Themed Model United Nations Competition