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College Matriculation for the Class of 2013

collegetshirtCongratulations to the Class of 2013! They earned $2,635,308 in reported scholarships and awards. In the fall, these students will matriculate to the following colleges. 75% of the Class of 2013 received acceptances into their first-choice colleges.

Michael David Andrews - Butler University
James Gabriel Patrick Butlin - Andrews University
Marina Robin Carbo - Colorado School of Mine
*Yun Chen - Purdue University (School of Engineering)
*Robyn Shelby Covnot - Cornell College
*Illianna Anne Derr-Evans - New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Giseleine Abla Dogon - Colorado College
Connor Brian Eggleton-Dessel - Colorado State University
Samantha Emalea Farney - Colorado State University
Mirela da Conceicao Lourenco Ferreira - Ithaca College
*Nicholas Raymond De Groot Gardiner - Georgetown University
*Emily Ann Hammerton - University of Colorado at Boulder (College of Engineering)
*Claire Elizabeth Harris - Western Washington University
*Madison Ann Hemenway - Franklin and Marshall College
Haelyn Ju - Pratt Institute
*Jessica Anne Larson - Gap Year
*Rachel Aileen Libert - Colgate University
*Rachael Sabrina Lind - Colorado Mesa University
*Ella Fay Livesay - Bates College
*Elise Tuttle Lovaas - Kalamazoo College
Travis Walter Henry McDowell - University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Kelsey Marie Grace Moyes - Gonzaga University
Jordan Patrick Murphy - University of Colorado at Boulder
*Alec Richard Pollard - Rhodes College
Vera Andreevna Protopopova - Pace University, New York City
Michael Scott Raab Jr. -  University of Colorado at Boulder
Tyler Matthew Peter Robinson - Knox College
*Rachel Joanna Shaffer - Gordon College
Marissa KhrisShannon Tivis - Creighton University
Ngiumfack Robin Tsamo - Pikes Peak Community College
Jialiang Yang - Seattle University

* Denotes National Honor Society
Admission into special programs (listed in parentheses) denotes admission beyond general university admission.