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Celebrating Lower School Art

The Lower School Celebration of the Arts assembly included musical performances from the 4th and 5th grade bands, choir performances, and the presentation of art awards in the Louisa Performing Arts Center.

The following students were recognized for having their artwork selected to appear in the 61st annual Pikes Peak Young People’s Art Exhibition:

  • Aegis B. (Kindergarten) - watercolor, "Rainbow Color"
  • Stanley S. (1st grade) - watercolor and collage, "Pirate Scene"
  • Willa N. (2nd grade) - clay unicorn
  • Clara P. (3rd grade) - colored pencil and pastels, "Inspiration"
  • Tripp S. (4th grade) - terracotta clay, "The Fall Tree"
  • Zara K. (4th grade) - mixed media, "Sunrise"

The art exhibit included more than 200 entries from students in Kindergarten through 5th grade across 25 schools located throughout the Pikes Peak region.

Paige H.
(5th grade) was also presented with the Permanent Art Collection Award for her watercolor butterfly. Working for more than four weeks, students used monarch butterflies to inspire their drawings and then used black oil pastels to outline the wings. Paige titled her piece “The Left-handed Butterfly” because she broke her right arm and needed to finish her composition using her nondominant left hand. She used a technique called wet on wet in which you brush water on the paper before adding color. This created the effect of a glass-like iridescence much like the monarch butterflies you see in nature. Paige took her time and added her flare and creativity to the composition. Paige's art will be on display in the Lower School.