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Claremont Challenge Exceeded; Parent Participation Focus for Year-End

May 04, 2015

At the beginning of the month we launched the Claremont Society Giving Challenge. We were seeking 20 NEW or UPGRADED Claremont Society level gifts by April 30, 2015. If we met this challenge the school will receive an additional $10,000 gift. Our community responded positively and the momentum allowed us to exceed our goal! A special thanks to Kathy and John Norsworthy for providing the $10,000 challenge gift.

Claremont Challenge Infographic

Claremont Society Donors

(as of May 4, 2015)
*indicates gifts made during the Claremont Challenge

We offer sincere gratitude and appreciation for those who have
made or pledged leadership level gifts to the Claremont Society in 2014-2015.

Legacy Leaders $20,000 and up

Lorie and Clint Malone
Kathy and John Norsworthy

Leadership Circle $10,000 - $19,999

*Anne and Clay Taylor Family - parent Jennifer and Will Bain - parents
Betsy Mecom - grandparent
Mark Shottes ‘01
Diane and Brad Smith - grandparent

Sponsors Circle $5,000 - $9,999

Jocelyn ‘88 and Sean Murphy - alumna

Benefactors Circle $3,000 - $4,999

*Patty Burke - parent
Janet Bullock and Suzanne Bullock-Sferrazza - grandparent and parent
*Harriet and Timothy Coussons - grandparents

Mary Coussons-Read and Jim Read - parent
*Patty and Ray Deeny - alumni parents
Michele and Stanley Dobnikar - parents
Stacey Franklin and Christopher Franklin - parents
Margot Gray and Jeff Gaul - parents
*Melissa and Pio Hocate - parents
Heather and Leon Kelly - parents
*Lina and Karey Klaus - parents

*Robin and Mike McGrath - alumnus parents
Kathy Leppard and Kevin Patterson - parents
Carol and Gil Porat - parents
Lorn and Perry Sanders - parents
Elizabeth Shelton - parent
*Donna and Dean Taylor Family - parents

*Suki and Ray Thomas - parents
Diane and Eric Weidman - parents

Members Circle $1,500 - $2,999

Laura and Dean Boschert - alumni parents
*Mrs. William Chenoweth - grandparent
*Denise and Derek Cohn - parents

Jane and Andy Dillon - parents
*Jerri and Tony DeCarolis - parents
*Tia and Dan Ferguson - parents

Pamela and Anthony Fingleton - grandparents
Larry and Barbara Gaddis - alumni parents
Caro and Randy Gardiner - parents
Eric Gaylord and Ilise Garvin - parents, faculty/staff
Anne and Mark Hatch - parents, faculty/staff
*Carla and Mike Hassel - alumni parents

*Karla Heard-Price and Steven Price - alumni parents
Jessica and Lance James - parents, faculty/staff
Morane and Mike Kerek - parents
*Hendrika and Christopher Layton - parents

Jay Lee ‘99 - alumnus
*Young Lee ‘95 - alumnus

Marvin and Kenya Lee - parents
*Becky and Jon Medved- alumni parents

Merle Melvin - grandparent
Danny and Becky Mientka - parents

Robin and Jim Morley - parents
*Marisa and Mark Mullins - parents

Stephen Robards - parent
*Margaret and Andrew Sabin - parents

*Lindsay and Michael Samora - parents
*Gail and John Sanchez - parents

Aaron Schubach and Anna Sass - parents, faculty/staff
Laurence and Priscilla Sheerin - parents
*Anne and Jameson Smith - parents

Kristen and Kirk Solo - parents
Jill Tiefenthaler and Kevin Rask - parents
*Thayer and Melani Tutt - alumni parents

*Kim and Dick Walsh - alumni parent
Sandra and Mike Woll - parents

Young Alumni Challenge to Claremont Society - $500
*Sara Ferguson ‘08 - alumnae

Christina McGrath and Justin Spring - alumnae
Tye Tutt ‘08 - alumnus

Restricted Giving Major Gifts Above $1,500
“Beyond the Annual Fund”

Betsy and Warren Dean
Tami Goodlette ‘83 and Paul Kim
The Hedden Family
Kaiser Permanente
Charlotte Mason & Family

Additional thanks to our Advancement Committee and Annual Fund volunteers

for your efforts in helping secure these leadership gifts and many more Annual Fund gifts.

Advancement Committee

Jocelyn Murphy, ‘88, Leadership Giving Chair
Bill Nelson, Co-Chair
Jennifer Bain, Board Chair
Patty Deeny - past parent
Caro Gardiner - parent
Pio Hocate - parent
Jay Lee ‘99 - alumnus
Christina McGrath Spring ‘03 - alumna

Annual Fund Volunteers

Dean Boschert - past parent
Jana and Tony Cross - past parents
Andy and Jane Dillon - parent
Stan Dobnikar - parent
Chris Franklin - parent
Melissa and Pio Hocate - parents
Lina and Karey Klaus - parents
Kristen Solo - parent
Mark Shottes ‘01 - alumnus

Our regrets if we have mistakenly forgotten to list a name! Please inform us of our oversight.

& Staff Giving Infographic" src="/sites/" alt="Faculty & Staff Giving Infographic" />Did you know?

CSS Faculty and Staff have achieved 100% giving to the Annual Fund; making gifts totaling more than $10,000 to the school. The average faculty/staff gift is $236.

Make a participation gift!

  • We have a goal for parents to achieve 100% giving to the Annual Fund.
  • Parent participation is currently at 55%.
  • Last year, parent participation reached 64%, while peer independent schools in Colorado averaged 76% participation.

No gift is too large or too small – Every gift makes a difference!

For more information on the Annual Fund, please feel free to contact Jessica James, Director of Communications and Advancement at or on her cell at (719) 210-3499.