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Children's School Celebrates South America for Geography Day 2015

December 03, 2015

Geography Day has been a highlight of the Children’s School experience at The Colorado Springs School for many years. This year, with a focus on South America, the Kindergarten through 5th Grade classes will engage in hands-on, experiential learning to grasp the culture, cuisine, and history of this diverse continent. The events will take place on Wednesday December 16, 2015, from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Children’s Academic Center.

Each class has received an assignment to a specific country, about which they will research and produce a two-minute informative video, to be presented in during the event, so that the other classes can learn more about these countries. The final event and activities are a culmination of several weeks of study.

Fifth Grade is preparing a forest-themed backdrop for a photo booth activity. As they trace foliage and animals onto a white sheet, their excitement for the upcoming festivities grows.

“The coolest thing has been teaching the little kids, because we used to be the little kids,” remembers 5th Grade student Cailan R. ’23 “It brings the grades together. I also get excited about how the teachers incorporate Geography Day learning into our schedule; it’s really fun.”

“When Geography Day comes, I can’t wait,” says Anna S. ’23, 5th Grade. “I love the activities, games, and food. It’s really inspiring and fun and you learn a lot.”

  • Kindergarten will learn about Peru, a country filled with ancient wonders and history.
  • First Grade will research the resource-rich Colombia.
  • Second Grade will focus on mountainous Chile.
  • Third Grade will study Argentina, an economically diverse nation.
  • Fourth Grade will represent Brazil, host of the 2016 Olympics.
  • Fifth Grade will discover the geological wonders of Ecuador.

The rooms in the Children’s Academic Center will be transformed to accommodate engaging stations and activities:

  • An art station where students will produce South American inspired creations and country flags.
  • A photo booth with props from South America.
  • A traditional children’s game.
  • A demonstration and lesson of the Bolivian Tinku dance.
  • Story-telling and food sampling. Selections include empanadas, fruit smoothies, and traditional rice and beans.

The day’s events will end with a World Cup soccer game between the grades. The country flags made at the art station will provide spirit and pride as each class represents their adopted country.