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Bacteria and Ethics

March 16, 2021

Today was a day themed heavily around the lab and experiments. We have spent a lot of time in the lab over the course of ECS, but none as much as today. Last week we had taken bacteria and added it to different solutions and let it incubate for 5 days. Today was the day where we saw the results and tested some more. We tested these bacterias to see their metabolic characteristics. After this we used what we had learned to Identify an unknown bacteria we were given. This was a very interesting lab and was fun to do. After the lab was done, we had a long ethics debate. Seeing our ECS so divided in opinions was really an enlightening experience. The ethics portion really made you think and I think that everyone gained a lot from it. This, coupled with the lab that taught us how to identify bacteria, made for an extremely good day where we all learned a lot from it. The experiences from today were really quite something, and I know many of us would like to do it again.