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Art is Everywhere

March 08, 2021

Today marks the first day of our second week of the Artful Recovery ECS. This morning, we either got a ride or drove down to downtown Colorado Springs to Acacia Park’s southwest side off of Bijou and Tejon. Once everyone arrived at the park, one way or another, around 10:00 a.m., we got started on a scavenger hunt looking for art around downtown. In this scavenger hunt, we were given hints about the art and had to find an art piece with that hint or description. We were divided into four groups with three to four people in each. Once we found an art piece matching a clue, we wrote down the art piece’s name and whether it is a wall mural, a sculpture, or even a sidewalk art piece. Once all of that was written down, we all answered a question about the piece depending upon the roll of the dice. We then answered that number’s question. Some of the questions involved our interpretation of the artwork, others asked what food or music would represent the piece, and still others asked us what we’d like to ask the artist, if we could. We did this until noon and then ate lunch from a restaurant called Bingo Burger. After we all ate lunch, we went off again to try to finish, finding all 20 art pieces that matched the clues and then some. Most groups ended up meeting each other again at 2:00 p.m. and relaxed while talking over the art we saw. Overall, this was a great activity to start week two of ECS! Many of us had no idea that downtown Colorado Springs is filled with so much amazing art. It made us all feel more appreciative of our own downtown area and the wide variety of art available for all of us to enjoy.