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A Thorough Investigation

March 18, 2021

Early this morning, our ECS was split into teams to investigate specific simulated cases of epidemics. We spent the day in our groups researching the given symptoms, locations, and other clues in order to try and figure out what disease we were presented with. After we all received confirmation that we’d successfully identified our disease, we got to work making a plan to combat its spread. Though we worked hard on this final project all day, we had many breaks from our work to keep us focused. Nearly all of the students on our ECS took to playing 4-square, so this quickly became our go-to brain cool-down method! My favorite part of the day was definitely the investigation required to figure out what disease our group was given! I loved the riveting race against the clock we had to undergo in order to figure it out before we needed a clue. Hearing Ms. Hanson say our group correctly identified our sickness, which turned out to be visceral leishmaniasis, definitely made me smile. In addition to that, I’m really glad I got the chance to bond with my ECS peers today playing 4-square! It was so much fun, and an experience that I won’t soon forget. From today, I learned a lot about managing my time and working to beat a deadline, as well as the value of taking short breaks while working on difficult tasks in order to keep my brain fresh. These are skills that will be extremely useful for me in the future, and I’m so glad spending this particular day on the Science and Stats of Epidemics ECS gave me the chance to develop them.