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A Day of Reflection

March 17, 2021

We started off the day at 9:00 a.m. The last couple of weeks we have all been working so hard and learning so much that Profe and Ms. Miller gave us an extra hour of sleep. First, we all gathered in Ms. Miller’s room and went over some logistics. We organized who was writing what thank you letters and then had a good amount of time to get some work down. Then we met in our Job groups and completed some tasks to help us towards the end of our seminar. Snack, poster, photographers, and photo curators all met and started to complete their tasks given by Ms. Miller and Ms. Kunze. Once we all finished meeting in our groups, we came back to the classroom to reflect on the things we have completed over the last couple of days. First, we talked about our scavenger hunt downtown on Monday, March 8th. We talked about all the different forms of art and how art can be interpreted in so many different ways. I thought that it was fascinating how two different people could look at a piece of art and have two very different opinions on it. Next, we all took out our masks and our easy art activities that we did over the snow day. We laid the two items on our tables and everyone left the room. This was like our art work was in our own costume museum. We all walked around the class room and examined our peers’ and teachers’ art. We then came back together and shared what we saw in each other’s artwork. Before we went out to lunch we had some work time to meet with our groups to prepare for our group lessons/presentations tomorrow. After lunch we came back together for a small discussion on the movie Coco. We discussed the emotions we felt during this movie and the questions that were assigned. During this discussion we talked about how in some cultures celebrating the dead is a very important thing, but in other cultures, you never really celebrate your lost ones after they die. To end the day, we were given more time to meet with our groups and practice for our presentations tomorrow. Overall, today was really relaxed, and I believe that everyone had some great reflection and work time.