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8th Grade Continuation Ceremony Celebrates the Class of 2027

On Wednesday, May 24, 2023, parents, students, faculty, and staff celebrated the Class of 2027 at The Colorado Springs School's 46th Annual Eighth Grade Continuation Ceremony in the Louisa Performing Arts Center.

The ceremony opened with the Middle School Choir performing "America the Beautiful" while accompanied by pianist Mia V. '28.

Head of School Tambi L. Tyler presented the following students with Longevity Awards for attending CSS since Kindergarten or earlier: Melinda H., Garrett H., Sophia H., Eloise K., Logan K., Ella L., Graham M., Reagan M., Fenn M., Sunny S. & Naomi W.

Middle School Director Ron Hamilton spoke of the Class of 2027's accomplishments and how the students met many challenges and succeeded beyond our hopes.

"You are at the threshold of your future. Your educational foundation has been solidified; everything you do academically from here on will build on this foundation. You have also learned some things that are hard to measure but are equally important. You've learned some of the behaviors that make and keep friends. You’ve learned how to work with partners and surmount obstacles. You’ve learned about who you want to be and how you need to act to be that person every day," Mr. Hamilton said. "We are proud of you, and we know that you are well-prepared to make the most of the next four years."

Each rising 9th grader was then formally introduced by an 8th-grade faculty advisor, who shared memories and reflections about each student prior to presenting them with a certificate of completion from the Middle School division.

Upper School Forum President-Elect for the 2023-2024 academic year, Isabelle Z. '24, formally welcomed the group to the 9th grade, encouraging them to try new things, talk to people they’ve never talked to before, and do things they feel even slightly drawn to.

"I encourage you to have new experiences, learn from them, and – most of all – to enjoy them. There will be nerves, there will be difficult times and emotions you don't have the words for, but I ask that you remember you are among people who have and currently are experiencing those things, and that it gets better," Isabelle said. "So, go out there and talk to new people, try new classes, steal a parade float, go to school dances with friends, see that one place you’ve always wanted to see, take that ceramics class, or even just say, ‘Hi’ to that one super cool person you see daily. My final words to you are to try it all, do it all, and give it your all."

After a touching performance of the CSS Alma Mater by the Middle School Choir, once again accompanied by pianist Mia V. '28, Ms. Tyler returned to the podium to commend the 37 students within the Class of 2027 for their hard work, dedication, and persistence, letting them know that accomplishing anything is possible.

"While it will no doubt be challenging to balance school, extra-curricular activities, home life, and social life, the opportunities to discover your true passions at the high school level are endless. Whenever you feel conflicted or overwhelmed by the many possibilities that lie before you in the Upper School division at CSS, I encourage you to think back to the time you spent trekking through canyons and rafting down winding rivers in Utah earlier this month," Ms. Tyler said. "May your Walkabout beads serve as a visual reminder of the many obstacles you’ve overcome and instrumental growth you’ve experienced as human beings."

Congratulations to the Class of 2027: Kimberly B., Summer B., Bahar B., Harper B., Annabelle C., Michael C., Jackson F., Lawrence G., Margaret G., Benjamin G., Marcelo G., Phoebe H., Brooke H., Mackenzie H., Melinda H., Garrett H., Sophia H., Eloise K., Logan K., Leo L., Ella L., Graham M., Benjamin Mc., Reagan M., Benjamin M., Giselle M., Fenn M., Sophia P., Sunny S., Jordan S., Amelia S., Ellie S., Niva S., Phoebe S., Chase U., Naomi W. & Brody Y.