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2nd & 4th Graders Perform in Dessert Theatre

Dessert Theatre, which began more than 45 years ago at The Colorado Springs School, is more than just acting. The program allows students in Kindergarten through grade 5 the freedom to explore the world through characters while solving problems and growing their communication skills and confidence. Theatre is a truly collaborative art form in which children learn to be responsible for themselves and others. This social cooperation reinforces and motivates positive behavior and builds personal integrity. The art of presenting theatre also engages whole minds through the genuine application of literacy and the integration of knowledge across the curriculum.

2nd Grade: The Toy Machine

The King has decided to save the Kingdom of Melichor using a Toy Machine that makes live toys. He will sell these toys and share in the profits, and his kingdom will live happily ever after. The machine is so good, it will surely save the Kingdom; it makes a Jester Doll, a Raggedy Anne, a Cowgirl, and an Alien. However, there is an evil Wizard and his evil Rats who want to steal and destroy the Machine so they can take over the Kingdom! The Toy Machine, the Toys, Inventors, Princesses, Knights, King, and Queen must fight back to regain Melichor. Will they succeed?

5th Grade: Buttons for George Washington & The Boston Coffee Party

Both plays are adapted from real-life accounts detailing what life was like during the Revolutionary War and center on some brave patriots who did everything they could to aid the war, some risking it all in the process. Buttons for George Washington features a young man on a journey for his family to deliver a secret message to George Washington through an inscription his mother sewed into his button. Will he make the journey? In The Boston Coffee Party, a merchant is raising the prices of his wares and hiding coffee due to a lack of food and supplies caused by the war. When a sewing club of women finds out, they will not let it slide!

Buttons for George Washington

The Boston Coffee Party