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2018 Presentation of Students Awards

May 24, 2018

During the 53rd Commencement Exercises, the following awards were bestowed to students. Academic Dean, Mr. Eric Gaylord, and Head of School Aaron Schubach introduced each of these honors.

Longevity Awards

The longevity awards are given to those who entered CSS either in Kindergarten or PreSchool. These students have been important members of our community from start to finish. To present the awards this year was preschool teacher, Karen Lawson, former PreKindergarten teachers Michelle Williams Gates and Sara Derr, former Kindergarten teacher Michelle Cockroft and former Children’s School Administrative Assistant, Eleanor Walters. The Class of 2018 had 9 students who received the longevity award

Longevity Awards were presented to Jake H., Natalie R., Alec Y., and Celeste N.

Longevity Awards were presented to Sarah J., Keyton L., Julia P., Dean T., and A

Enrolled in PreSchool in 2003: Jake Hemsworth, Natalie Richardi, and Alec Young.
Enrolled in PreKindergarten in 2003: Celeste Nosworthy.
Enrolled in Kindergarten in 2005: Sarah Johnson, Keyton Loner, Julia Paschal, Dean Taylor, Alissa Graham.

There is something worth noting here. 1989 marked the first year that we had a member of the Graham family on campus, and today Alissa joins her siblings as an alumna of The Colorado Springs School: Jason ‘95, Chris ‘98, Kenneth ‘01, Byron ‘03, David ‘04, Jeremy ‘06, and Lily ‘15.

Highest Academic Achievement

Tyler B. won the 2017-2018 Highest Academic Achievement Award

Eric Gaylord, Academic Dean, shared, “Our next award, The Highest Academic Achievement Award is given to the student who has earned the highest overall grade point average for the 2017-2018 school year.

This Junior has completed 6 AP classes and challenged an additional AP test during the first three years of his CSS high school career. This year he earned a weighted GPA of 4.963. The Highest Academic Achievement Award in Upper School for the 2017-2018 school year is awarded to Tyler B. ‘19.

Faculty Cup Award

The Faculty Cup award was presented by Dr. John Longo, Upper School Division Lead.

Each year the Faculty Cup is presented to the Senior who is recognized by the faculty as an exemplary representative of The Colorado Springs School. Emma W. won the 2017-2018 Faculty Cup Award

This year’s recipient exemplifies the kind of person the faculty hopes to send out to meet the challenges of this dynamic world. Her teachers have seen her seek information and carefully weigh the evidence to form her own opinions and advocate for what she believes in—whether for herself, others, or the community. Because of this, we listen carefully when she speaks, and we value what she has to say. Her confidence, respectfulness, and positive outlook have made her a person others naturally look to for leadership. Those same characteristics have endeared her to staff and students alike. She is a person we admire for her intellect, ambition, and grace in the face of adversity. Though the world at CSS may seem small at times, it is certainly dynamic, and she has consistently shown a willingness to accept and embrace the changes and challenges it has thrown at her.
While deeply involved in all aspects of our community, she has made a special name for herself in the realm of musical theater. In her time at CSS, she has performed in every school play, taken a leading role in the school’s Vocal Ensemble, and performed with both the Fine Arts Center’s Youth Rep Ensemble and on its main stage. Always ready to serve, she has dedicated herself to supporting and leading CSS in numerous ways: as a student greeter during new student orientation, as our first Senior Instagram Intern, as Co-President of Upstagers Drama Club, President of National Honor Society, and Student Body President. Her service to the school has been impressive enough, but she has also spent many extracurricular hours actively involved with the National Charity League. We have seen her recognized for her good character and good works when she won the Cup of ‘82 award from the Class of 2017 in honor of her “embodiment of the spirit, values, and ideals of character in a dynamic CSS student.” Now it is our turn as the faculty of CSS to recognize Emma Walker as this year’s recipient of the Faculty Cup.”

The Margaret White Campbell Award

Each year, the highest honor that faculty bestows is the Margaret White Campbell Award.

Aaron: “Each year, the highest honor that faculty bestow is the Margeret White Campbell Award. This year we have a special guest to present this award, Reverend Lorraine Leist ‘88, P.’19, the recipient of the Margaret White Campbell award in 1988.”

Lorraine: “Given in honor of the founding headmistress of the Colorado Springs School, The Margaret White Campbell Award is given by the Upper School Faculty for academic excellence, leadership, service to the CSS community, and general character.”

Aaron: “Thank you, Lorraine.Natalie R. won the 2017-2018 Margaret White Campbell Award

This year’s recipient is and has always been a model of academic excellence. In the words of her teachers, she is passionate about learning all disciplines and she embraces the detailed process of learning without losing sight of her lofty goals. The results of her talent and dedication are extraordinary.

She has served as a leader throughout her journey at CSS including leadership roles in the classroom, class, club, sports, service, theater, and choir. In the words of Athletic Director and Girls’ Basketball coach Vicki Vaughan: “She is a selfless leader who walks the talk and naturally helps others elevate themselves toward excellence.” Superior leaders nurture and encourages their peers and this student’s impressive leadership skills, blend naturally with her inclination to serve others. This year, she and other National Honor Society executive officers orchestrated the Upper School’s Fall Service Day, a task never before undertaken by students. She did a stellar job making the necessary arrangements and representing our school in the community. She is dedicated to serving others while engaging in activities that help her grow as an individual. This student’s stellar character epitomizes the academic, leadership, and service qualities of the Margaret White Campbell Award. From Preschool through 12th grade, this student has embodied integrity, honesty, responsibility, and loyalty while continually demonstrating gentleness, kindness, humility, and inquisitiveness. These are the characteristics of a fine student and, more importantly, a fine human being. It is my honor to present the 2018 Margaret White Campbell Award to Natalie Richardi.”

Additional Awards

Additional awards were presented at various award ceremonies held over this past week.

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Longevity Awards were presented to Jake H., Natalie R., Alec Y., and Celeste N.
Longevity Awards were presented to Sarah J., Keyton L., Julia P., Dean T., and A
Tyler B. won the 2017-2018 Highest Academic Achievement Award
Emma W. won the 2017-2018 Faculty Cup Award
Natalie R. won the 2017-2018 Margaret White Campbell Award