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2015 Presentation of Students Awards

May 26, 2015

During the 50th Commencement Exercises the following awards were bestowed to students. Academic Dean, Mr. Eric Gaylord, introduced each of these honors.

Longevity Awards

The longevity awards are given to those who entered CSS either in Kindergarten or Preschool. These students have been important members of our community from start to finish. To present the awards this year was former preschool and Kindergarten teacher of the Class of 2015, Michelle Cockroft. The Class of 2015 had seven students who received the longevity award –

  • Enrolled in Pre School in 2000, we honor Rebecca Jackson with the Longevity award.
  • Enrolled in Preschool in 2000 we honor Nicole Libert with the Longevity award.
  • Enrolled in Kindergarten in 2002, we honor Garrett Davies with the Longevity award.
  • Enrolled in Kindergarten in 2002, we honor Lillian Graham with the Longevity award.
  • Enrolled in Kindergarten in 2002, we honor Laura Holt with the Longevity award.
  • Enrolled in Kindergarten in 2002, we honor Madison Morley with the Longevity award.
  • Enrolled in Kindergarten in 2002, we honor Madelyn Smith-Ledford with the Longevity award.
Becka Jackson '15, Longevity Award
Nikki Libert '15, Longevity Award
Garrett Davies '15. Longevity Award
Lily Graham '15, Longevity Award
Laura Holt '15, Longevity Award
Maddee Morley '15, Longevity Award
Madz Smith-Ledford '15, Longevity Award
You You Huang '15, Highest GPA

Highest Academic Achievement

Eric Gaylord, Academic Dean, shared, “Each year we recognize the student who has the highest grade point average in the Upper School. While we have many students with exceptional academic records, this year it is my pleasure to give the award for the Highest GPA to You You Huang.”

Faculty Cup Award

The Faculty Cup award was presented by Dr. John Longo, Upper School Division Lead.

Victoria Martinez-Vivot '15, Faculty Cup

“Each year the Faculty Cup is presented to the Senior who is recognized by the faculty as an exemplary representative of the CSS community. This year’s Faculty Cup recipient is the epitome of the award description in every way. She is indeed an exemplary representative of the CSS Community who has earned the respect of the teachers who had the honor of working with her. Victoria Martinez-Vivot stands out as a model for us all. A humble and natural leader in all arenas, Victoria’s lead is ours to follow. As a member of the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony, Victoria has excelled as the orchestra sectional leader, playing her viola around the city and the world. Likewise, she has been a first chair on the basketball court and soccer field, playing all four years on our state-qualifying CSS girls’ team. Willingly giving her time in service to others, Victoria has built trails, played music, run concession stands, farmed, mentored, and volunteered at Children’s Hospital. As a student leader, she served as a yearbook editor, REACH mentor, College Fair Student Coordinator, KICS manager and treasurer, and Book Club founder and president along with being this year’s NHS President and Senior Class President. With all of these responsibilities and more, she has demonstrated keen leadership and a sincere desire to guide a team to fulfillment. As an academician, Victoria achieved high honor roll status every term, while openly acknowledging her weaknesses and working diligently to strengthen them. Her dedication, humility, positivity, and drive make her stand out as a model of excellence, and she will undoubtedly take the world by kind, gentle fire at Colorado School of Mines and beyond. Congratulations, Victoria.

The Margaret White Campbell Award

Quinn Adam '15, Maragret White Campbell Award presented by Betsy Long Jones '65

One of the highest honors that we bestow on a member of the Senior Class is the Margaret White Campbell Award. This year, the award was presented by a very special guest. Celebrating her 50th anniversary as a graduate from The Colorado Springs School for Girls, Mrs. Betsy Long Jones of the Class of 1965, read the citation and presented the award.

Given in honor of the founding headmistress of the Colorado Springs School, Margaret White Campbell, The Margaret White Campbell Award is given by the Upper School Faculty for academic excellence, leadership, service to the CSS community, and general character.

The 2014-15 recipient of this great honor will come as no surprise to anyone who is in tune with the Upper School program. His daily life on campus has been a dizzying display of involvement in the community, in and out of the classroom. Whether traveling internationally with the School’s Model UN team, competing in Knowledge Bowl, playing basketball or soccer, as an Academic All State first team pick, playing trombone in the pep band, presenting a workshop on international affairs, or leading the Upper School student body as Forum President, this student carried the torch as an example to the world of what a successful CSS student can do and be. He excelled in every endeavor he undertook, and was chosen, unopposed, by unanimous voice acclamation as this year’s recipient of the Margaret White Campbell Award. I present to you: Quinn Adam.”

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