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Honor Roll of Donors 2021-2022

We are extremely grateful for those donors who worked together to support the extraordinary efforts of the 2021-2022 school year. We thank the members of the Lifetime Giving Society, in particular, who have contributed a collective sum of $50,000 or more to the school over the years. These are the people and organizations who have reimagined our school, led to the completion of new facilities, invested in capital projects, endowed programs, and made transformational gifts over the past 60 years.

Results of 2021-2022 Fundraising: $586,531

  • Annual Fund/Unrestricted Gifts: $202,781
  • Restricted Gifts: $7,305
  • Gala & Auction (net proceeds): $164,000
  • Grants: $212,445

Honor Roll of Donors

Our Honor Roll of Donors represents philanthropic gifts made by June 30, 2022, to the school’s Annual Fund, Restricted gift programs, and the Gala’s “Raise Your Paddle” giving opportunity and sponsors.

Levels of Giving

Claremont Society Donors

We offer sincere gratitude and appreciation to those donors who have made leadership gifts of $1,962 or more in 2021-2022.

Claremont Society: Legacy Leaders - $20,000 and up
Leonard E. Allen Opportunity Scholarship
Colorado Office of Early Childhood
El Paso County Economic Development Department
Jennifer and Robert Hedden P'23, P'21
Melissa and Pio Hocate P'27, P'20, P'16
Heather and Leon Kelly P'30, P'27
Becky and Danny Mientka P'29, P'27

Claremont Society: Leadership Circle - $10,000 - $19,999
Anonymous Giving Foundation
Sarah and Brett Bartz P'31, P'29
Patty and Ray Deeny P'05, P'01
Ashley Larkin and Adam Chmielwski P'35
National Trust for Historic Preservation - Peter Grants for Colorado
Lisa and Jason Reid P'23, P'21
Swart Family Foundation

Claremont Society: Sponsors Circle - $5,000 - $9,999
Merrisue and Brent Baldwin P'26, P'24
Aubryn and Adam Bednar P'32, P'28
Lauren and James Busch P'35
Jackie Day and Jose Deocon Jr. P'27, P'26
Lina and Karey Klaus P'27, P'25
Grace and Suneel Kumar P'26, P'25
Lorie and Clinton Malone P'27, P'22, P'19
Katherine and Jay Mayne P'30
Robin and Michael McGrath P'03
Katharine Leppard and Kevin Patterson P'21
Kristin and Kevin Penn P'26, P'24
Benjamin Ralston '01 and Viive Ralston, P'30
Brooke and Bradley Rawls P'32, P'30
Lynn and David Shepherd P'33, P'30, P'26
State Farm - McAdams Insurance Agency
Tracey and Jules Watson P'05, P'03
Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program
Laura and Charles Whiteside P'10, P'07

Claremont Society: Benefactors Circle - $3,000 - $4,999
Jennifer and Will Bain P'25, P'22, P'21
Jennifer Bloniarz
Dr. Michael Edmonds
Marga R. Wastalu-Edwards and John Edwards P'26, P'23
Sean Hebel and Jennifer Tiedemann P'26
Karin Ellis and Karim Hruska P'32, P'30
IBM International Foundation
Elizabeth Coggins and Jeffrey Kasal P'35
Koch Trust
Sathya and Alan Monroe P'26, P'25, P'23
Ralph Teeter Watch Fund
Rocky Mountain Chapter of AFCEA - Stem Grant
Tambi L. Tyler
UMB Bank
Megan and Alex Winnicker
Young and Ricky Yun P'33, P'25

Claremont Society: Members Circle - $1,962 - $2,999
Katarzyna and Christel Aime P'32, P'26
Avago Technologies
Nicole and John Bauer P'27
Huma and Sana Bhatti P'27, P'24
Boeing Company
Patricia Burke P'22, P'16
Karin Cesario and Christian Simpfendorfer P'33, P'29, P'27
Signe Ankrava-Chang and Jonathan Chang P'28
Michele and Stanley Dobnikar P'25
Aparna Komatineni and Vijay Eadala P'32, P'30, P'24
Barbara and Larry Gaddis
Jasmine and Steven Garza P'32
Margot Gray and Jeff Gaul P'24, P'21
Jay B. Hafemeister '99 and Lindsey Hafemeister P'34, P'32
James Hafemeister P'99, G'34, G'32
Erik Hansen P'23
Jill and Michael Haubert P'28
Jessica and Tim Hayes P'27, P'24
Mali and Ulrich Hetmaniuk P'33
Shireen Hoff
Katherine and Brett Huston P'35, P'31
Jessica and Lance James P'30, P'28
Darlene Jentzsch P'26
Valerie Gordon-Johnson '70 and Doug Johnson Charitable Fund
Morane and Mike Kerek P'22, P'20
Kristin and Brian Kirkland P'31, P'30
Sarah Lathrop P'25
Heather Lea P'29
Christine and William Marcum G'28
Suzy and Jon Marple P'23, P'17, P'16
Jennifer and David McAdams P'27
Moody Insurance Agency
Kimberly and Mark Mueller P'27
Marisa and Mark Mullins P'33, P'27
Renata and Sergio Oliveira P'32, P'29
Stephanie and Derek Purcell P'30, P'27
Jill and David Richardi P'21, P'18
Lorn Lee and Perry Sanders P'27, P'20
Tanya and Matthew Shtatman P'24, P'19
Karin Cesario and Christian Simpfendorfer P'33, P'29, P'27
Patricia and John Smith P'10, P'06, P'04
Jill and Aaron Smith P'30, P'27, P'25
Jordan and David Smith P'29, P'27
Mandy and Mike Tasler P'32
Rita and Ralph Winnicker
Kerri Bagnall and Christopher Woody P'24

Pourtales Society Donors

We offer sincere gratitude and appreciation to those donors who have made gifts of up to $1,961 in 2021-2022.

Pourtales Society: Valedictorian Circle - $500 - $1,961
Rachel G. Bass GG'36
Lee S. Ehrhart and Tony J. Bigbee P'19, P'19
Laura and Dean Boschert P'11, P'07
Catherine Boddington '74 and Tim Boddington
Boeing Company
Melinda and Allen Carroll G'35
Ellen and Jason Crow P'20, P'20
The Dickson Foundation, Inc.
Hannah Duncan G'28, G'25
Jennifer Fitzpatrick and Anthony Faxon P'34, P'32, P'30
Leslie and Jonathan Finnoff P'25
Peggy and John Fuller P'91, P'88, P'86
Susan and Mark Gaebler
Julie and Ron Hamilton P'16, P'21
Holly and Daniel Hannum P'32, P'29
Deborah Lasley and Curtis Heck P'24
Tila Hidalgo
Melissa and Wayne Hoefler P'27
Kimberly and Keith Jarolimek P'23, P'20, P'18
Sandy and Nathan Johnson
Susan and William Kosar P'08, P'06
Gerry Lui Kuo P'08
Young K. Lee '95
Dawn and Christopher Lissy P'26, P'24
Margaret and Archibald Martin P'01, P'99, P'98
Ann Mellott P'31, P'31
Abby and Gabriel Ortega P'30, P'23, P'21
William G Pomeroy Foundation
Liza Dadone and Constantin Pop P'32, P'30
Katie and Craig Ralston G'30
Margaret and David Rich
Lauren and Matthew Romig P'36
Ermel Tansiongco G'27, G'20, G'16
Lindsay and Jacob Teplesky P'33, P'31, P'28
Vicki Vaughan and Kelly Walker
Kristian and Daniel Woje P'34, P'31
Sara and Richard Wrenn G'24, G'23
Rebecca and Jason Yarros P'27, P'25, P'23, P'21

Pourtales Society: Cum Laude Circle - $1 - $499
Keith Abeles '85 and Amy Levin
Ryan V. Acuff '10
Kristen and Bobby Allen P'31
Amazon Smile
Donald K. Bain G'25, G'22, G'21
Jennifer Bakker P'28
Vicky and Joshua Barber P'22
Claudia and Robert Barker P'27
Blisse Beardsley
Becky and Brian Bennett G'28
Rachel Benton '79
Jody and Dan Bliss
Wesley Bocxe P'30
Lori Burgess
Christina Valentinas and John Cass P'26
Erin and John Cerezo P'35
Juan Cerezo
Alison and Colin Christofferson P'28
Susan Colville-Hall and Stephen Hall
Briana Contreas
Heidi Cooper
Ronnie and Leo Dadone G'32, G'30
Joseph Demello
Sara and Josh Derr P'18
Krista D. Earp-Bridgmon and Sam Krey P'26
Elite Sports Acupuncture and Pain Relief Clinic
Edith and Markus Eumann P'24
Emily Evans P'30
Erica A. Fagin '08
Sarah Hautzinger and Timothy Ferguson P'21
Tanya and Michael Fischer P'25
Deborah Flentje-Evans G'30
Powys Gadd '75
Catlin Galbreath and Jose Ornelas P'34
GayeLee and Kevin Gallagher G'35
Kathryn Gardner '77 and Mark Gardner, P'09
Michelle and Dan Gates P'33, P'30
Diamond I. Gill '21
Caren Goldberg
Natalie R. Golden '79 and Ethan Foster
Lise P. Grace '82
Karen and Nicole Grover P'28
Theresa and David Hamby
Lynn Handford
Natalie Hanson
Cheryl and James Harding
Hannah and Michael Hayes P'24
Bronwyn and Justin Holman P'26, P'22, P'19
Todd and Jane Horn
Lisa Hughes P'17
Bernie Jackson P'19, P'17, P'15
Donna and Patrick James G'30, G'28
Kelley Jefferson
Melissa J. Hafter and Greg Johnson P'20, P'18
Arifa and Huz Kaderbhai P'31, P'29
Kelly Kaifer P'31
King Soopers Community Giveback Program
Marta Kunze and Jose M. Alas P'23, P'18
Angela and Alan Laird P'27
Jim Larkin G'35
Laura Laucella
Hendrika and Chris Layton P'21
Joseph LePage
Linda and John Longo
Nadia Awel-Malone and Ed Malone P'31, P'29, P'23
Patrice Matignon P'25
Nancy and Michael May P'23
Sheilagh McAteer P'12
David McDivitt P'33, P'30
Amy and Charles Miller
Stacy and Brent Moorhead P'34, P'26
Rebecca Johnson Morey '69 and David Morey
James Moulton
William Moyes P'13, P'12, P'05
Joshua Nacht '92 and Alison Nacht
Milton Newell G'23, G'17, G'16
Joann and Thomas Nieman P'19, P'17
Colleen and Doug Nissen
Karen and Jeff Owens P'28, P'25
Rebecca and Tige Palmer
Mark Perdew
Erik Playe
Sharon Regier P'17
Kaja and Dave Reynolds P'18
Ann Runte
Natellie and Jeff Ryan P'35, P'33, P'31
Shaun Minne and Martin Rybczynski P'19
Lindsay and Michael Samora P'27, P'25
Emily and Alex Schilperoort P'36, P'34
Barbara Sims G'27, G'25
Maria Solorzano-Smith
Peigi and Frank Szvetecz P'84, P'83
Anne Taylor '76 and John Richardson
Charles B. Taylor '01 and Paisley Taylor
Virginia Tenney '69 and Duncan Tenney
Joseph Thomas
Ann Petit and Ben Thompson P'22
Amy and Lesly Toussaint P'33, P'31
Kimberley Tyson '77
Katie and Ryan Vincent P'23, P'24
Peter Wade
Eleanor Walters
Lara and Amos White P'27, P'25
Anslee Wolfe and Karen Merritt P'28
Mala B. Setaram-Wolfe and Hans Wolfe P'20, P'17
Tammy Wuerth
Deborah Yaffe '83 and Alastair Bellany

Additional thanks to our Advancement Committee for their efforts in helping secure these leadership gifts and many more contributions to advance the philanthropic culture of the school.

Advancement Committee
Lorie Malone P'27, P'22, P'19
Ben Ralston P'30
Heather Kelly P'30, P'27
Katherine Brown-Mayne P'30
Patty Burke P'22, P'16
Brooke Rawls P'32, P'30