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Founders' Day and Hall of Fame Archive

Founders' Honoree
Mr. Sam Johnson, former faculty from 1991–2016

Founders’ Honoree
Hela Robran, former faculty from 1973–1976 and 1988–2004

Athletic Honoree
DeLovell Earls ‘10 and the 2009 State Championship Basketball Team

Founders’ Honoree
John Pitman, former faculty from 1963–1976

Founders’ Honorees
C.J. (Buchanan) Grace ‘86, educator
David Rollman, former faculty from 1980–1985

Athletic Honoree
Daryll Fuller ‘88, outdoor educator and enthusiast

Founders’ Honorees
Susan Barker Day ‘70, dedicated nurse and musician
Powys Gadd ‘75, accomplished archaeologist
Lynn & Andy Handford; Andy was faculty from 1980-1997 and CSS was supported in many ways by his wife Lynn

Founders’ Honorees
Mrs. Ava Molner Heinrichsdorff, 30-year veteran teacher at CSS from 1973–1993
Ms. Lesley King ‘77, accomplished writer and author

Athletic Honoree
Master Jay Lee ‘99, Director of Operations for US Taekwondo Centers

Installation of the 9th Head of School
Mr. Aaron Schubach

Founders’ Honorees
Dr. Todd Horn, Former Upper School Faculty, career educator and Head of Kent Denver School (retired)
Mrs. Eleanor Walters, 36-year veteran Children’s School Assistant (retired)

Arts Honoree
Anthony Dortch ‘95, successful Smithsonian Institute-exhibited artist

Athletic Honoree
Vanessa (Leeper) Jones ‘08, illustrious CSS female athlete and Division II collegiate athlete

Founders’ Honorees
Al Adams, founder of Children’s School and co-creator of Middle School
Debbie Scaling Kiley ‘76, Author of the Albatross documenting her survival of a shipwreck in which she credits her survival skills to CSS

Athletic Honorees
Jennifer Cogswell ‘72, active sportswoman
Matthew Field ’81, credited with starting Lacrosse at CSS and avid lacrosse advocate in Marin County California
Katharin Binkowski Collings ’87, nationally trained figure skater and US National and International Figure Skating Coach

Arts Honorees
Rebecca Dahl DeVere ’79, showcased painter, a jewelry designer, and mosaic designer
Edward “Ned” Aldrich ’83, nationally-acclaimed wildlife artist
John Goodman ’87, Hollywood animator
Patrick Shearn ’80, freelance visual effects motion picture artist and popular constructor of outdoor installations

2012 Recap of Ceremony and 50th Anniversary of the School

Founders’ Honoree
Jason Pipoly ‘90, record-setting swimmer for crossing the English Channel as a paraplegic, and inspirational speaker

Founders’ Honoree
Margaret Gilbert ‘70, accomplished architect of the award-winning Penrose-St. Francis Hospital

Founders’ Honoree
Valerie Alston-Morgan ‘69, the first African-American student at CSS and accomplished attorney with a position at the Department of Health and Human Services in the Office for Civil Rights