Founders' Day and Hall of Fame Archive

Archive of Founders’ Day Hall of Fame

2019 Founders' Day Hall of Fame Honoree

  • Founders' Honoree: Mr. Sam Johnson, former faculty from 1991-2016

2018 Founders’ Day Hall of Fame Honorees

  • Founders’ Honoree: Hela Robran, former faculty from 1973 – 1976 and 1988 - 2004
  • Athletic Honoree: DeLovell Earls ‘10 and the 2009 State Championship Bassketball Team

2017 Founders’ Day Hall of Fame Honorees

  • Founders’ Honoree: John Pitman, former faculty from 1963 - 1976

2016 Founders’ Day Hall of Fame Honorees

  • Founders’ Honoree: C.J. (Buchanan) Grace ‘86; educator
  • Founders’ Honoree: David Rollman, former faculty from 1980 – 1985
  • Athletic Honoree: Daryll Fuller ‘88; outdoor educator and enthusiast

2015 Founders’ Day Hall of Fame Recap

  • Founders’ Honoree: Susan Barker Day ‘70; dedicated nurse and musician
  • Founders’ Honoree: Powys Gadd ‘75; accomplished archaeologist
  • Founders’ Honoree: Lynn and Andy Handford; Andy was faculty from 1980-1997 and CSS was supported in many ways by his wife Lynn

2014 Founders’ Day Hall of Fame Honorees

  • Founders’ Honoree: Mrs. Ava Molner Heinrichsdorff, 30-year veteran teacher at CSS from 1973-1993
  • Founders’ Honoree: Ms. Lesley King ‘77, accomplished writer and author
  • Athletic Honoree: Master Jay Lee ‘99: Director of Operations for US Taekwondo Centers
  • Installation of 9th Head of School: Mr. Aaron Schubach

2013 Founders’ Day Hall of Fame Honorees

  • Founders’ Honoree: Dr. Todd Horn, Former Upper School Faculty, career educator and Head of Kent Denver School (retired)
  • Founders’ Honoree: Mrs. Eleanor Walters, 36-year veteran Children’s School Assistant (retired)
  • Arts Honoree: Anthony Dortch ‘95, successful Smithsonian Institute-exhibited artist
  • Athletic Honoree: Vanessa (Leeper) Jones ‘08: illustrious CSS female athlete and Division II collegiate athlete

2013 Recap of Ceremony

2012 Founders’ Day Hall of Fame Honorees

  • Founders’ Day Honoree: Al Adams, founder of Children’s School and co-creator of Middle School
  • Founders’ Day Honoree: Debbie Scaling Kiley ‘76: Author of the Albatross documenting her survival of a shipwreck in which she credits her survival skills to CSS
  • Athletic Honoree: Jennifer Cogswell ‘72: active sportswoman
  • Athletic Honoree: Matthew Field ’81: credited with starting Lacrosse at CSS and avid lacrosse advocate in Marin County California.
  • Athletic Honoree: Katharin Binkowski Collings ’87: nationally trained figure skater and US National and International Figure Skating Coach
  • Arts Honoree: Rebecca Dahl DeVere ’79: showcased painter, a jewelry designer, and mosaic designer
  • Arts Honoree: Edward “Ned” Aldrich ’83: nationally-acclaimed wildlife artist
  • Arts Honoree: John Goodman ’87: Hollywood animator
  • Arts Honoree: Patrick Shearn ’80: freelance visual effects motion picture artist and popular constructor of outdoor installations

2012 Recap of Ceremony and 50th Anniversary of the School

2011 Founders’ Day Honoree

  • Founders’ Day Honoree: Jason Pipoly ‘90, record-setting swimmer for crossing the English Channel as a paraplegic, and inspirational speaker

2010 Founders’ Day Honoree

  • Founders’ Day Honoree: Margaret Gilbert ‘70, accomplished architect of the award-winning Penrose-St. Francis Hospital

2009 Founders’ Day Inaugural Honoree

  • Founders’ Day Honoree: Valerie Alston-Morgan ‘69: first African-American student at CSS and accomplished attorney with a position at the Department of Health and Human Services in the Office for Civil Rights