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College Campus Visits

A picture is worth a thousand words, and an in-person campus visit is worth all the brochures and website content combined! An added benefit of visiting campus is that some selective schools will like to see that you have visited, interviewed, and even spent time doing a virtual tour. This is called “demonstrated interest” and can factor into admissions decisions.

The best way to learn about a particular college is to visit its campus (in-person, whenever possible), so schedule an official tour. Most admissions offices' websites include a way to register for a tour.

Book well ahead of your visit; tours can fill up quickly. These tours usually include an information session with an admissions officer and a campus tour led by a current student.

Inform your college counselor of any campus visits you plan to make. Your counselor may suggest other schools to visit in a specific area and offer advice about touring the school you have chosen to see.

Conduct research on each school before you visit. You will know what questions to ask on the tour if you have done some research ahead of time.

Be careful not to visit too many schools if you are planning to go on an extended tour of several schools in a region. We do not advise visiting more than two schools in one day or more than 10 on one trip. All the information tends to blur together at some point. Be sure to take notes and even pictures on your tour to remind yourself of what you liked about each school.

Try not to let a rainy day ruin your visit. It is always possible to revisit a school, even after you have been admitted. Lots of schools invite students to do an overnight visit once they have been admitted.