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Service Learning

All CSS Upper School students must meet a yearly graduation requirement of participating in a minimum of 24 hours of service learning. Students participate in a combination of an individual service project and the Service Day sponsored by the Upper School each semester. In the past, we have served such organizations as the local food bank, senior organizations, literacy projects, and environmental restoration and clean-up projects.

Each student is required to complete a minimum of 24 hours of qualifying service learning per year and many exceed this minimum. Attending the two mandatory Upper School Service Days scheduled each year fulfills 12 of these hours. Doing approved campus service or service in the greater Colorado Springs community for 12 hours will generally fulfill the remaining hours. Service outside of school should be done in charitable agencies and must be supervised and certified by adults. Work around the house or for a family business does not qualify for service learning credit. The student may not receive any pay, credit, goods, or services in return for community service.

All hours must be completed and submitted by the student by mid-May (date TBD each school year) in order to be counted for the year. Those who do not complete their service learning hours by that date will be assigned to complete double the unfulfilled hours for the following year, in addition to the next year’s required 24 hours.

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