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Experience-Centered Seminars (ECSs) are an integral part of the Upper School program and give our students the skills necessary to conduct large-scale investigations in college and beyond. Each March, students participate in a single three-and-a-half week course of study chosen from a wide variety of seminar offerings, from Geology of the Southwest to Journalism to Life in Cameroon. By demanding direct, active participation and hands-on engagement in an experiential setting, ECSs optimize critical thinking, organized inquiry, and in-depth analysis. Students are expected to synthesize their learning in oral and written presentations, journals, group projects, and tests. The ECS experience—local, regional, national, and international—sets our students apart as they move into the collegiate world and beyond.

ECS Scholarships

The Colorado Springs School is committed to making Experience-Centered Seminars accessible to families from a wide range of economic backgrounds. Two scholarship programs have been established to provide financial assistance to students who declare a first choice ECS that exceeds $1,000.

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