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Flipped Classrooms

Flipped Classroom Videos, a term pioneered by Jonathan Bergman and Aaron Sams right here in the Pikes Peak region, are short, educational videos created to change the nature of subsequent classroom sessions.


The use of Flipped Classroom Videos at CSS is different from the well-known version of online videos like the Khan academy for several reasons:

  1. At CSS, we don’t endorse a teacher centric educational philosophy, so our educational videos are set up to facilitate, not replace, a learner-centered classroom experience.
  2. Our short educational videos are made by our teachers for our students, to help facilitate learning and future student activities. The educational research links the efficacy of educational video to teachers known to the student and the relevancy of the information to help the student succeed in class.
  3. Our videos can be viewed in a brief sitting (max 10 minutes).

Flipped Class Videos maximize what students can do in and out of the classroom in many ways:

  1. Teachers can spend less time on explanations and direct instruction and more time creating active learning environments.
  2. Our videos are frequently paired with formative assessments.
  3. Students can receive personalized instruction in a video.
  4. Less time with the teacher lecture in class can create more time for student/teacher conversation and student collaboration.
  5. Teachers can give the instruction for large, important assignments in a video so students can review the details if needed.
  6. Students who need to see a complicated lesson again can review as much as they would like, at their own speed.
  7. Teachers can offer “extra” material for enrichment.
  8. Writer’s conference between a teacher and a student may be recorded and shared for review.
  9. Access to videos of class time can help students who miss class due to illness or sports commitments and keep the rhythm of continued learning.
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