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Full Steam Ahead

Engaging middle school students in an enriching summer program that fosters intellectual curiosity and inspires academic achievement through creative explorations in science, the arts, and technology.

The Colorado Springs School has been delivering seminars and engaging educational experiences for more than 50 years. Full STEAM Ahead is an intensive three-week program serving middle school students in partnership with Peak Education. Teachers and mentors deliver a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math curriculum to rising 6th, 7th, and 8th graders selected by Peak Education. Click here for a PDF flyer on the program.

Program Delivery

  • LOCATION: The Full Steam Ahead program takes place on the campus of The Colorado Springs School. Students 
  • HANDS-ON LEARNING: Students explore how technology has improved the human experience. From dissecting brains to programming robots, students gain immersion in topics and studies not typically afforded to students during a regular school year.
  • TEACHERS & MENTORS: Master teachers and high school mentors deliver the program while also coordinating thematic and relevant field trips.
  • BEYOND THE CLASSROOM: Students gain exposure to outdoor adventures, museums, and college resources in the region through a series of integrated field trips and speakers.
  • ELECTIVES: Students also choose electives to explore new interests and hobbies, like photography, flying machines, cooking, crafts, painting, games, and sports.

The Curriculum

Track One: “The Brain Matters”
A focused theme on the most powerful organ in the human body— the brain. Through both anatomical and psychological investigations, students gain knowledge about keeping the brain healthy and improving cognitive skills.

Track Two:  “Innovation and Discovery”
This course exposes students to problem-solving techniques, collaboration, and critical thinking to solve challenges.

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