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Applying for Indexed Tuition

Selecting the right school for your family can be complicated, and cost is an important part of that decision. Our goal is to ensure that the excellent education The Colorado Springs School provides is an affordable option for highly-motivated students from all income levels. In addition to Indexed Tuition (IT) awards provided by the school, donors, and corporations provide tuition assistance to deserving students who otherwise would be unable to benefit from a CSS education. Indexed Tuition decisions are made independently of admission decisions and do not affect a candidate’s admission decision.

The Colorado Springs School follows the guiding principles established by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) that the responsibility of financing a private education rests primarily with the student’s family. Approximately one-third of our families receive financial assistance.

In order to apply for Indexed Tuition, an Admission Application is necessary. 

Beginning November 1, parents may access the online application form for the following school year. CSS Indexed Tuition applications received by the priority deadline of February 1 receive priority consideration. Late applications will be accepted and awards considered based on availability of remaining indexed tuition funds. 

Step 1:

Complete the on-line FACTS Financial Statement by February 1

To apply for financial assistance, parents must submit the Financial Statement through the FACTS. In the case of divorced or separated parents, both parents must submit an individual FACTS Financial Statement.

Complete the FACTS Financial Statement form online at

Step 2:

Submit requested Federal Tax Forms and all supporting schedules and W-2 forms

All documents must be uploaded to the FACTS by February 1. If the most recent tax year documents are not available, the school will accept tax forms for the previous year and any decisions made will be contingent upon receipt of the immediate previous year’s tax forms.

Step 3:

Review by Indexed Tuition Committee

Upon review by the Indexed Tuition committee, decisions are made based on a family’s demonstrated financial need.

Important notes:

  • Awards are for tuition only and do not cover the cost of books, supplies, transportation, lunches, school trips, including middle school seminars and Upper School Experience Centered Seminar program, or personal expenses.
  • For continued eligibility, students with indexed tuition must remain in good academic and disciplinary standing, and all remaining tuition and fees must be paid as billed.
  • All returning indexed tuition applicants must submit a re-enrollment contract and deposit in order to be considered for indexed tuition.
  • All family financial data and subsequent proceedings with the school are strictly confidential.
  • Families are required to keep all indexed tuition information confidential.
  • Families must apply for their indexed tuition annually by the deadlines stated by the School. Late applications may result in decreased awards due to the availability of funds.
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