World Religions

Campus News Friday, 18 Mar 2016

World Religions | Religion in the Mountains

Rob M. '16 March 18, 2016 We made it to Crestone, and it’s a very interesting town. There are not a lot of people, so it’s re…

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Campus News Tuesday, 15 Mar 2016

World Religions | Nidra and Islam

Grace H. '19 March 15, 2016 On Wednesday we went to a yoga Nidra class. I was definitely expecting more of a yoga session includ…

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Campus News Thursday, 10 Mar 2016

World Religions | Eastern Religions

Luke W. '19 March 10, 2016 Today we visited the Unitarian Universalist Church in Colorado Springs and attended a meditation ses…

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Campus News Tuesday, 08 Mar 2016

World Religions | Christianity and Judaism

Molly B. '19 March 08, 2016 A synagogue. The Torah. A Friday night Jewish Shabbat service. These are a few of the things we st…

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Campus News Saturday, 05 Mar 2016

World Religions | Creation Story and Being Open to Learn

Jaydi S. '17 March 04, 2016 On the third day of our ECS, we had an invigorating and thought-provoking conversation about the bo…

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Campus News Wednesday, 02 Mar 2016

World Religions ECS: Opening Rituals and the Quest for Common Ground

Tuna Su T. '17 March 02, 2016 Our first day (February 29th) of World Religions ECS started with the ritual that our instructors …

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Campus News Wednesday, 03 Feb 2016

Welcome to the World Religions ECS

World Religions February 02, 2016 Would you call yourself a religious person, a person of faith? Do you believe in God? Are you …

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