Campus News Sunday, 19 Mar 2017

Bonaire Scuba | Boats Dives, Night Dives & Shipwrecks

Grace H. '19 March 19, 2017 On Thursday in Bonaire, we went out on our first boat dive. We got up early in the morning and had a…

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Campus News Saturday, 18 Mar 2017

Bonaire Scuba | Something's Fishy In These Waters

Laney S. '17 and Ali G. '18 March 15, 2017 Tuesday morning was buzzing with excitement. It was our first official open water d…

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Campus News Monday, 13 Mar 2017

Bonaire Scuba | Masks, Tanks, and Fins Oh My!

Laney S. '17 and Ali G. '18 March 13, 2017 Landing in Bonaire brought a lot of anticipation and excitement for the upcoming we…

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Campus News Saturday, 11 Mar 2017

Bonaire Scuba | Soon to be Scuba Diving

Han M.'18 March 11, 2017 Soon to be scuba diving down in one of the greatest marine environments, we are the Bonaire ECS and our…

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