2016 Engineers and Entrepreneurs ECS

Campus News Thursday, 17 Mar 2016

STEM | Checkers Industrial, NCAR, and CU Boulder

Katherine H. '19 March 17, 2016 On Thursday March 10, our ECS visited Checkers Industrial Safety Products. Checkers is a compan…

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Campus News Tuesday, 08 Mar 2016

STEM | Radiation Testing and Bridge Progress

Gabe G. '19 and Joosung K. '19 March 08, 2016 On the fourth day, we visited the facility where Cobham tests parts to determine i…

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Campus News Friday, 04 Mar 2016

STEM | Suspension Bridges and A Tour of SRAM

Engineers and Entrepreneurs March 04, 2016 The STEM ECS is underway. We learned today that we will be building models of suspen…

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Campus News Wednesday, 03 Feb 2016

Welcome to the Engineers and Entrepreneurs ECS

Engineers and Entrepreneurs February 02, 2016 In the business world things must get done. Problems must be conquered with ingenu…

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