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Substitute Teachers

We use Tagg for our substitute teaching needs. Tagg is a web-based application that connects substitute teachers with the classrooms that need them. Just as you use on-demand apps to rent vacation homes or to set up a ride, we use Tagg to request guest teachers.

Choosing to join the Tagg platform means you will have access to substitute teaching jobs in your area as an independent contractor!

Reasons to Create a Tagg Account

  • Easy and free to create an account!

  • Pick and choose the jobs you want.

  • Work when you want.

  • Set your preferences and get notified when a job becomes available.

  • Make extra money.

  • Engaging/fun work.

  • Give back to the community.

Register by going to Once you have registered, they will contact you with more information about how to activate your account with Tagg.