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Facilities Manager

Roles and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Develop and oversee departmental procedures and systems.

  • Supervise and coordinate with Maintenance Staff

  • Account for overall performance of the facilities department, ensuring good communications and relationships with the school’s administration, faculty, staff, students, parents and visitors.

  • Develop and maintain a consistent image of a quality customer service-oriented maintenance department.

  • Respond to special requests, questions or concerns from stakeholders.

  • Assist in development of and manage the school’s annual operating and long-range capital facilities budgets addressing both the short term and long term needs of the school. Monitor and control facilities expenditures to ensure they are aligned with approved budgets.

  • Recognize changing needs of the school’s curricular, extracurricular and summer programs in order to respond in a timely fashion to any necessary changes in facilities services.

  • In conjunction with the CSS head of school and business office, inspect facilities and systems to identify maintenance and repair deficiencies, establish facility conditions and schedule critical work items to be corrected at appropriate times.

  • Establish and coordinate a maintenance schedule that addresses the routine and preventative maintenance needs of buildings, grounds, furniture, fixtures, equipment, fire safety and school vehicles.

  • Participate in space planning and alteration of school facilities.

  • Oversee purchases of fixtures, furnishings and equipment.

  • Monitor annual contract services for custodial work, landscaping, pest control services, elevator service, trash and recycling service and other vendor services.

  • Coordinate compliance with annual inspections of fire systems, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, elevators, HVAC, storm water systems, backflow preventers, theater grid, bleachers, fleet vehicles.

  • Provide facilities support for campus events.

  • Solicit bids and develop the scope of work for all major outside contractual work. Oversee and coordinate the work of all outside vendors and contractors, effectively manage the fulfillment of their contractual obligations, including quality control of their work.

  • Understand risk management and identify and mitigate any threats to school.

  • Maintain compliance with local and national codes including but not limited to ADA, building, fire, electric, plumbing, air quality, OSHA and EPA, AHERA programs.

  • Evaluate systems and maintenance issues as they arise and take appropriate corrective action for prompt resolution, including communicating timely updates to all impacted stakeholders.

  • Implement a computerized maintenance management system to effectively manage work orders.

  • Works with campus leadership on security including all matters related to campus security, alarms, access and updating.

  • Collaborate with Board of Trustees' Building and Grounds Committee on any facilities policy work and represent school in any neighborhood organizations and community meetings

  • Manage small vehicle fleet including scheduling regular maintenance, reservation system, and driver approval process.

  • Act as liaison with security officers, alarm company and camera company on security matters.

  • Oversee facilities projects conducted outside regular working hours.

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for facility-related emergencies.

  • Conduct safety trainings

  • Maintain Annual inspections, AHERA reporting, and all other compliance reporting documents as outlined by government regulations.

  • Complete mandatory reporting, and documentation to the health department, state, DCYF, and OSPI.

  • Maintain ample supply of janitorial, grounds, transportation supplies, replacements, and equipment (cleaning and sanitation supplies, air filters, and so on.)

  • Oversee the creation, placement, and installation of signage and equipment.

The position’s preferred qualifications:

  • Strong project management and organizational skills with the ability to prioritize effectively

  • Basic carpentry, plumbing, and electrical skills, and ability to understand blueprints and schematic drawings and manufacturers’ maintenance manuals

  • Ability to read, interpret, apply, and explain rules, regulations, policies, and procedures

  • Strong attention to detail, ability to quickly assess the needs of a situation, and respond effectively with an understanding of diplomacy in emerging situations

  • Ability to research and present findings or new solutions in actionable ways to small-medium sized groups of faculty, staff, parents, and students

  • Effective, collaborative team member with ability to work and communicate well with all levels of faculty and staff, and able to operate independently with minimal supervision

  • Ability to work in person around core weekday school hours and be available for facilities emergencies outside of school hours

  • Possessing a level of cultural competency necessary for working with a diverse population in an inclusive and equitable community

  • Ability to work efficiently in a Microsoft Windows or Mac environment using Office, Google Suite, common automated systems for record-keeping, and confidently learn new technology

  • Ability to maintain confidential information

  • Ability to traverse uneven ground, navigate stairs and/or inclines, and discern visual hazards such as traffic, status of equipment, and facility maintenance needs

  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds

  • Ability to work in a moderately noisy environment


This position is a full time position with a salary up to $52,000 annually based upon skills and experience.