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Administrative Assistant

Roles and Responsibilities:

An Administrative Assistant manages and distributes information while taking charge of receiving school correspondence. A successful administrative assistant is always prepared, responsive, and willing to meet challenges directly. The duties of an Administrative Assistant may include various clerical office tasks. Administrative Assistants must be comfortable with computers, general office tasks, and excel in both verbal and written communication.

The position’s preferred qualifications:

  • Experience with Google Suite & Microsoft Office is a must.

  • An associate's degree in a related field or previous success in office management.

  • Excellent computer skills with an aptitude for learning new software and systems.

  • Experience with FACTS Student Information Systems, and FACTS FINANCIAL, products is preferred.

  • Desire to be proactive and create a positive experience for others.

  • Anticipates the needs of others.

  • Highly organized with superb written and verbal communication skills.

  • Effective time management.

  • Experience managing budgets and expenses.

  • Experience developing internal processes and filing systems.

The knowledge, skill, and abilities required for the Administrative Assistant position:

An Administrative Assistant is able to adjust their actions in relation to others’ actions. They convey information to others effectively and succinctly. The AA may train and supervise others on office protocols and school procedures. The candidate must think on their feet and manage several duties simultaneously. The AA must be efficient time managers who value punctuality. Solving problems and facilitating team effort in uncontrolled circumstances is a must.

The AA candidate will:

  • Support the Business Office

  • Provide administrative support to senior leaders, including email, correspondence, generation & distribution of memos, letters, spreadsheets, and forms.

  • Manage and oversee the business office files, digital, and paper.

  • Plan, organize, and schedule meetings, times, and spaces, in the office and virtual setting.

  • Keep confidentiality.

  • Maintain high adaptability and emotional quotient in diverse situations.

  • Communicate with students and families as needed.

  • Keep a record of meetings.

  • Assist with the procurement of necessary supplies under the direction of the Division Directors.

  • Serve as the eyes and ears of the office, providing information, answering questions, and responding to requests

  • Oversee and achieve organizational goals while upholding best practices.

  • Ensure optimal use of office equipment, supplies, and inventories through preventive maintenance

  • Maintain workflow by analyzing and refining standard operating procedures, such as scheduling, communications, and office layout

  • Coordinate internal and external resources to expedite workflow

  • Adhere to the standards described in the Employee Handbook.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Head of School.

Salary: This position is a full time position with a salary up to $35,000 annually based upon skills and experience.

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