If you prefer not to order for the month, please note that lunch orders need to be placed by 10 p.m. the Wednesday before the start of the next week. For example, if you want to order lunch for your child for Thursday, March 11, the order must be placed by 10 p.m. Wednesday, March 3.

Lunch must be ordered through a parent’s login to the Family Portal, not a student’s account. This limitation is tied to billing.

How to Add Funds to Your Child’s Lunch Account and Check the Balance

Your child’s lunch account must have funds in it to buy lunch.

Here are several ways to add funds to the account:

  • Drop off a check to Ann Runte at the front of the Trianon.
  • Mail a check to Ann Runte at 21 Broadmoor Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80906.
  • Pay by telephone with a credit card by calling Ann Runte at (719) 475-9747 or Jody Welch at (719) 434-3544.
  • Pay through Family Portal by clicking “Family Home.” At the bottom right is Family Billing. Click “Pay Now” to add funds to the lunch account. Please note: Use Firefox or Microsoft Edge if loading funds through Family Portal.

Check the balance of your child’s lunch account through Family Portal by clicking “Family.” Refer to Family Billing, where the lunch balance is listed. A negative balance indicates a credit, while a positive balance indicates amount owed.