The Infirmary Coordinator is on campus during the school day to provide assessment and treatment for injuries and health complaints and to coordinate emergency care of accidents or sudden illness.

Infirmary Hours: 7:30 a.m. - dismissal
Location: Trianon (off the Rotunda)

If your child needs physician-prescribed medication, the Infirmary Coordinator will coordinate administration of that medication during the school day. The Infirmary Coordinator is also responsible for maintaining current health and immunization records to comply with state and local regulations.

Mandatory Medical and Health Information

Many of our mandatory medical and health records have been streamlined to the family parent portal (FACTS). Parents may logon and complete the medical fields. Those forms requiring a physician’s signature are available below.

PREK STUDENTS Annual Physical Exam Form (This form is good for 365 days from the date of the last physical)
Colorado Immunization Certificate

Additional Medical Forms; as necessary

Diabetes Care Plan
Asthma Care Plan

Severe Allergy and EpiPen Care Plan

Immunization Non-Medical Exemption Form
Immunization Medical Exemption Form

CS/MS Permission to Medicate

US Permission to Medicate

Student Health Insurance

Click here to learn more about health insurance for your student.