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Where it all begins…

The CSS Children’s School is where your child’s college preparation begins. We focus on the basics while providing children with the thinking and problem-solving skills they need to become life-long learners. Our teachers select developmentally-appropriate goals and activities and differentiate instruction to meet learning styles and needs. Central to our teaching strategies is a highly interactive, hands-on classroom setting that is both challenging and supportive. Our aim is to spark children’s innate curiosity, encouraging them to develop to their fullest potential as they assume increasing responsibility and develop self-discipline.

The Children’s School recognizes the value of individual attention and one-on-one time, so classes remain small and nurturing. Some examples that affirm and encourage each child are the Star of the Week program, in which each student creates a bulletin board of pictures and mementos that are meaningful to him or her, and Morning Meeting time, during which announcements and special recognitions take place. There are also regular assemblies for Kindergarten - Grade 5 to announce birthdays and gather as an entire Children’s School. The Children’s School encourages and values opportunities to act as a community. One activity we participate in, to foster community, is Book Buddies. Older students are partnered with younger students and they participate in weekly reading activities. This strengthens the education experience for students of all ages.

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